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  16. "It will be a really good contest. Maine, New Hampshire - they are really good programs." #Addazio

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  20. "They are a very fine team. We have a ton of respect for them." #Addazio

  21. "Maine has been one of the steadiest teams in FCS football. They're well coached and well put together." #Addazio

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  26. "I feel the same sense of urgency wherever I've been." #Addazio

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  29. "It's about winning games with what you have. We've had a great margin for error. We have to play a sharp, smart game." #Addazio

  30. "We face pressure every single day with our defense. That's the good news. Every form, every style, every front from every angle." #Addazio

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  33. "We've seen more blitzes in preseason training camp than some teams will see in three years." #Addazio

  34. "We have more speed, more weapons and more ability to launch the ball since I've been here." #Addazio

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  37. "I really want to see us play hard, play clean and take care of the football." #Addazio

  38. "There are a lot of working parts that haven't been in this situation yet." #Addazio

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  41. "With us, we're going to be careful not to put guys in positions they shouldn't be in." #Addazio

  42. "These first games are not really great definers of anything." #Addazio

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  45. "You will see a good amount of those freshmen." #Addazio

  46. "You could easily see Jeff Smith in the game on offense." #Addazio

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  49. "The three interior d-linemen are going to play a lot of football this year. They're talented guys." #Addazio

  50. "Tim (Joy) is out about a week to two weeks. He'll be back." #Addazio