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  2. Petrino to Return as HC Next Season

  3. Hits and Misses from the Week 14 Polls

  4. Fresh College Football Power Rankings

  5. Those ✋'s tho https://t.co/V7PipCfh79

  6. Idaho coach Paul Petrino will return next season after 4–8 campaign (by @ThayerEvansSI) https://t.co/WeAuKn3EFi https://t.co/eteS7gyNhK

  7. One of the teams new helmets was given to Jace Malek after our Vandals won tonight! #GoVandals https://t.co/BtjP2n5AZQ

  8. AP Top 25 Poll for Week 14

  9. Ed Feng's Playoff Standings Predictions

  10. Post-Week 13 Bowl Game Projections

  11. So yeah that happened @DeonWatsonJr https://t.co/d6Fs90W9ge

  12. The sound of victory #GoVandals https://t.co/khz8oiT6OB

  13. VANDALS WILL WIN THIS ONE!!!! Siavii caps it off with and INT #GoVandals

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  15. Clemson No. 1, OSU Falls to No. 8 in Latest AP Poll

  16. 17 seconds to play. Timeout TXST. Bobcats with the ball at their own 45. It will be 2nd & 2 #GoVandals

  17. PSA: Watson is good #SCtop10 https://t.co/LvfJC6923k

  18. Penny with the go ahead TD https://t.co/argQCof9NY

  19. Long-Shot Teams in Hunt for CFB Playoff

  20. Jeremy Johnson's 4 TDs, Leads Auburn Over Idaho 56-34

  21. Penny takes it to the left sideline. Fights across the goal line Vandals lead 38-31 with 1:02 to play #GoVandals

  22. Watson makes and unbelievable one-handed catch at the TXST 3. 37 yard gain #SCtop10

  23. Bobcats down the punt at the 29 yard line. Vandals ball with 2:51 to play. All tied at 31 #GoVandals

  24. ND Enters Top 4, Clemson No. 1 in CFP Poll

  25. WR Dezmon Epps Dismissed from Team

  26. Clemson No. 1, OK State Crashes Top 5 in AP Poll

  27. Offense stalls a the 32. Rehkow booms a punt to the TXST 11. Returned out to the 20 with 7:03 to go

  28. Vandals start from own 25 following the touchback

  29. Bleacher Report's Week 11 Top 25

  30. 4 yard TD pass for TXST. Bobcats tie the game up at 31 with 8:27 to play

  31. Defense gets off the field. 4th & 1 and TXST sends out the punt team. Punt backs up Mwehla and TXST ends up on top of the ball.

  32. Charges Won't Be Filed Against Idaho's Suspended WR

  33. Idaho coach Petrino says LB Marc Millan will be suspended for one game for his hit on NMSU QB Andrew Allen, when he rolled up on his ankle.

  34. TSXT starts from its own 22. Idaho leading 31-24 with 11:05 to play #GoVandals

  35. DJ Hampton with a 3rd down PBU. TXST punts down to the Idaho 15. 13:33 to play #GoVandals

  36. B/R's CFB Top 25 for Week 10

  37. Rehkow's kickoff goes out of the endzone. TXST starts from own 25 #GoVandals

  38. Linehan to Watson from 4 yards out the corner of the endzone. TOUCHDOWN!!! Vandals up 31-24 with 14:56 to play #GoVandals

  39. Jace Malek's Life-Changing Diagnosis and Pursuit of a Football Dream

  40. Report: Idaho WR Suspended After Allegedly Striking Girlfriend

  41. END of 3rd: Idaho 24, TXST 24 Vandals inside knocking the Bobcat's door inside the 5 to start the 4th #GoVandals https://t.co/0Z4itVOv0b

  42. Penny bulldozes his way for 15. 1st down Idaho from the Bobcat's 15. #GoVandals

  43. Penny runs through a few Bobcats for a 9 yard gain and a Vandal 1st down. Idaho now at the TXST 27 with 2:45 to play int the 3rd #GoVandals

  44. Hightower with 119 yards receivingon 8 catches. It's his third 100 game of the season. Vandals with the ball 2nd and 10 from the TXST 37

  45. DEFENSE HOLDS THAT LINE!!! Drops the TXST back for a loss of 4. Idaho ball at its own 5 #GoVandals

  46. Timeout TXST. Bobcats have the ball 4th and goal from the 1 with 7:23 to play #GoVandals

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  48. B/R's College Football Top 25

  49. Linehan scrambles out of the pocket and loses the ball after getting caught from behind. TXST recovers and returns it out to its own 31

  50. Vandals will start with the ball on the 25. 11:09 to play in the 3rd #GoVandals

  51. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  52. Anti-Paul Petrino Flyers Appear on Idaho Campus

  53. Jones options out to the right and keeps it for the 2 yrd TD rush. Bobcats tie the game up at 24 with 11:09 to play in the quarter

  54. Second half starts with a touchback. TXST will open the half with the ball at its own 25 #GoVandals

  55. Kessler Throws for 410 Yards, No. 8 USC Beat Idaho 59-9

  56. HALFTIME: Idaho 24, TXST 17 Linehan: 12-17, 200 yds, 1 pass/1 rush TD Penny: 54 yds, 1 TD Hightown: 5 rec. 95 yards https://t.co/DSPnsCjNo7

  57. Duckworth carries for 7 yards. Timeout Idaho with 12 seconds to go in the half #GoVandals

  58. Best Signs from ESPN's 'College GameDay'

  59. BREAKING: Idaho WR Dezmon Epps, suspended for Saturday's game at USC. Epps was ID'd in Aug shoplifting incident today pic.twitter.com/y2YD7y5iXh

  60. 14 yard TD pass for TXST. XP is good. Vandals hold a 24-17 lead with 24 seconds to play in the half #GoVandals

  61. Timeout Idaho. Vandals up 27-10 with 1:26 to play. TXST with the ball down to the Vandal 343 #GoVandals

  62. Report: Video Shows Vandals Players Stealing from Campus Store

  63. Penn State, Idaho Announce 2019 Matchup

  64. Linehan finds Watson in one-on-one coverage down the Vandal sideline. Watson steps out the tackle for the 58 yard TOUCHDOWN!!! 24-10 Idaho

  65. Vandals force a TXST punt. Punt goes out at the Idaho 35. Vandals start with 3:21 to play in the half #GoVandals

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  67. B/R's Ultimate CFB Tailgate Guide for 2015

  68. Rehkow hits a 48 yard field goal with 4:29 to play in the half. Vandals up 17-10 #GoVandals

  69. Watson almost escapes the tackle on a slant. He's out to the TXST 37 #GoVandals