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  6. .Elite backcourt. Hart Booth will take the next step. Arch + Brunson. Ochefu will emerge as legit low post threat. https://t.co/vbiQG6Jvfa

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  15. To put this in terms everyone understands, Syracuse's loss to LSU could end up being their "Stone Cold passes out against Bret Hart moment"

  16. UK tight end Greg Hart was HS teammates with the EKU player killed this weekend. Cats will honor him Saturday. http://t.co/3hy3Hwxa3Y

  17. 4 of Villanova's top-6 players -- Arcidiacono, Booth, Hart, & Jenkins -- all shot 37% or better from 3 last season. Can't zone the Cats.

  18. #AUMBBCountdown 48: Auburn beat #6 Ga. Tech 48-45 on 2-2-60 behind 20 pts from Henry Hart & 12 pts from Ray Groover http://t.co/fAN7m08IMb

  19. Joe Hart on the bench, Willy Caballero starts for Manchester City at Tottenham http://t.co/cDd3VVNImd #thfc #mcfc http://t.co/OG20jBFVdG

  20. Police make ten arrests after fans tear down hoardings at White Hart Lane http://t.co/oBvTSIIAY9 (Photo: Reuters) http://t.co/MCZsGVr7w9

  21. #Arsenal fans tear down hoardings at White Hart Lane. #Tottenham #CapitalOneCup (@GettySport) http://t.co/VEBg3X75zu http://t.co/Z18J1jAjHB

  22. VIDEO: Arsenal fans trash White Hart Lane, clash with police after beating Tottenham. http://t.co/7ICeaSbG4r http://t.co/bik6YNZkFP

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  24. Nichols: SMU AD Rick Hart says still no updates about NCAA sanctions for basketball, golf http://t.co/Is3QZ8G1WN http://t.co/l7QTVEG1ax

  25. Nichols: SMU AD Rick Hart from annual meeting, still no updates about any NCAA sanctions for basketball and go... http://t.co/LvjkN6Yzrd

  26. Nick Arbuckle completes pass to Penny Hart for a 17 yard gain. Georgia State at their own 44.

  27. Tight end Brandon Lingen was listed as a starter on the depth chart but he's out today, which means Nick Hart likely gets the start #Gophers