Tom Izzo Has You Right Where He Wants You.

Patrick YoreCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008


I've watched my Spartans play every game this season, and it really is no different than any other year in a lot of ways. Izzo is known as one of the great coaches, and his name will be remembered forever, but it's the minute details I've observed that pushes his teams to achieve their best

He uses the pre-conference games to really test his players' mental and physical abilities. He'll thrown in odd lineups to see how new players respond in tough situations. He will take an eight point win over a very average team if can mean that his entire team gets more experience.

When his players start reading and believing their own headlines, he uses an old military technique, breaking down his players, then building them back up again.

Izzo loves to fly under the radar a bit, never really wanting the spotlight until The Final Four. I think State is in a great position this year because so many people are doubting them right now, forgetting that two of their stars, Suton and Roe, have been injured most of the season so far.

Though I'm blinded by the Green light of Spartydom, I have never seen an MSU team with so much speed or depth of talent across the board.

One key factor of having a team go far into the tournament and weather a long season is depth, another is team unity. State has unbelievably talented depth, but after losing Drew Neitzel this year, their biggest challenge is gelling as a team and finding a new floor leader. Besides Morgan, look out for Grey, Roe, Summers, Green, Allen, Luscious and Suton. Also Ibok is finally showing some balls.

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