An Elitist Duke Fan Apologizes

Travis MillerAnalyst IDecember 6, 2008

The glory of Virginia Tech beating Boston College to win the ACC Championship lasted about 20 minutes. I switched from ABC to ESPN to watch my Dukies throttle Michigan for a second time this season.

You know, the jerks who fired Tommy Amaker!

Did I say throttle?

As many people warned here on Bleacher Report, playing in Ann Arbor is apparently different than playing on a neutral court.

Michigan improved upon its last performance against the Blue Devils.

Duke came out timid, and not looking like the No. 4 team in the country.

After the ACC-Big 10 challenge, I laid on the scrutiny of the inferior Big 10 pretty hard. Not as hard as others, but still hard nonetheless.

I hereby rescind the comments I made earlier this week. And that's why I love college basketball.

I've seen it written here before, but I'll reiterate it now. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. This is a Duke fan sugarcoating his apology and turning it into something else.

What did you expect?

Michigan did everything necessary to knock off Duke today. They won the battle on the boards, didn't put Duke on the charity stripe, and the Wolverines hit their own free throws.

In my article earlier this week, I acknowledged the necessity to lose—I just didn't see it coming yet. I cited Xavier and Davidson as potential upsets.

The good news? You bet we'll be ready for those games.

As for the potential of a Carolina-Duke No. 1-No. 2 matchup, we can officially lay the dream to rest. It was only a dream.

Here's your forum, Duke haters. Let us have it, but make sure you give us your best shot!

We are still Duke, after all.