8 Reasons ACC, Not Big East, Will Be College Basketball's Premier Conference

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2011

8 Reasons ACC, Not Big East, Will Be College Basketball's Premier Conference

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    As we all know, conference realignment is finally a reality and while the focus may be on football, these moves and changes are going to have a huge effect on college hoops over the years.

    Now that we have had two of the biggest basketball programs jump ship on the east coast, it creates an interesting dynamic in which the balance of power in college basketball is shifting to the ACC instead of the Big East.

    Here are eight reasons the ACC will be college basketball's premier conference from here on out. 

They Were Already Near the Top

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    There is no question in my mind, the ACC over the past few seasons has been one of the top three conferences in the country. Although the bottom half of the conference has been lacking over the years, the ACC still has produced great teams.

    Along with the Big East and the Big Ten, it has been one of the big three over the past 10 years and will continue to have success—and even greater success with the addition of two historic programs. 

They Took the Power out of the Big East

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    When people think of the Big East, they don't think of Depaul, Rutgers and Saint Johns, they think of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Connecticut and Georgetown.

    Now that the ACC has scooped up two of those power schools, it will be tough for the Big East to gain as much recognition as it once did with these schools.

    It further strengthens the ACC and further depletes the Big East.  

Bring in More History

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    Be honest, when you think of the ACC, you automatically think of Duke and North Carolina. Well, that might all change with the addition of these two powerhouses in the basketball realm.

    With the addition of these two squads, there will be more competition and a more physical type of play added to the ACC.

    Right now, the ACC is more finesse ball, but with the addition of these two blue-collar schools, look for some rough and tumble play to be brought in.

Bring in Power

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    This is probably the biggest addition to the conference that these two schools will bring: power. Both of are known for their physical play and overall greatness on the basketball court.

    They recruit size and they get it. To beat these squads, you are going to have to match them in power and outplay them with speed.

    The power they are going to bring to the conference is going to create a more physical style of basketball. 

Bigger Conference, More Respect

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    Let's face it, although all the teams in the Big East may not have been great in the past, it is still regarded as the best conference due to the fact that it has so many teams.

    The bigger the conference, the more likely for NCAA bids and teams in the tournament over the years, which is going to help the conference gain the prominence it deserves. 

Dickie V

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    Now when you think of Dickie V, you think of the DUKIES, BABY! Well no worries, I'm sure Vitale will get more games now that the ACC has some more competition. 

Takes the Focus off Just North Carolina and Duke

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    In the past 15 years, only one other team, Maryland, has won the ACC tournament besides North Carlina and Duke. 

    They have basically dominated the conference, and it's time for them to finally have some competition.

    With the addition of these two experienced Big East schools, they will finally have a challenge and the conference will be stronger because of it. 

The Bottom of the Conference Is Starting to Build

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    Teams at the bottom of the ACC are starting to grow back and get some power under the belt as well as these top teams remaining strong. Teams like Virginia Tech are so close to breaking into the big-time—they just need to make that final step.

    Look for this conference to really step up from top to bottom to compete with everyone in the years to come. 

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