College Basketball's Good, Bad, and Ugly in 2008

Jon AltenaCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

The young college basketball season has already spoiled us with plenty of good action. We have seen upsets, blowouts, half court buzzer-beaters, sweet dunks, key injuries, and great early-season matchups.

So what do we make of all this excitement? The good, the bad, and the ugly!


10 Good Things

Plenty of success stories have graced our basketball minds so far this year. Here are some of them:

Michigan and Western Kentucky delivering the big upsets this year

Murray State is shooting a blazing 84.7% from the charity stripe.

Texas Tech scored 167 a single game.

Blake Griffin is tearing up the NCAA single-handedly, averaging 25.7 PPG and 19.2 RPG.

Kurt Cunningham is shooting 85% from the floor (27 shots).

If your last name ends in "N," you have a great chance of being in the top five for scoring average in the nation. (Holston, Toolson, Harden, Griffin.)

There are still 27 unbeaten Division I teams. (12 in the Big East and ACC combined)

Cal is shooting 53%...from beyond the arc!

Don Meyer is on his way to a full recovery.

At least Notre Dame is good at one sport.


10 Bad Things

There has also been some pretty bad stuff in college basketball this year. Here is some of it:

Texas Tech gave up 115 points in a game.

Northwestern and Penn State's football teams may well win more games than their basketball teams.

Lute Olson leaving college basketball

Indiana basketball

Mississippi Valley State hasn't won a game this year (0-9) after making the NCAA Tournament last year.

Jimmy Patsos' game plan versus Davidson

Siena's play after the players ran their mouths in an article on prior to the season

Southwestern Athletic Conference (6-53 as a conference)

Loyola Marymount is more concerned with scoring in the fifties than they are with winning games. Scoring in games this year: 51,55,55,54,51,59,57.

The appearance taken on by any team who faces North Carolina 


10 Ugly Things

Maybe my favorite.  I give you the ugly:

Samford scored 22 points in a game

Winston Salem hasn't gotten out of the thirties in a third of its games.

Texas Tech gave up 115 points in a game

NJIT's 39-game losing streak

Memphis' jerseys with the white fronts and gray backs

Duke fans

St. Joseph's mascot.  The Hawk doesn't stop waving his wings for the whole duration of a game. (Maybe more annoying than ugly)

University of Maryland-East Shore's shooting percentage (32%)

Thad Matta when he chews his gum

North Carolina's 116-48 win over UNC Asheville