Kansas Hoops Dominates the Dawgs

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

The Husky Basketball team looked awful. They looked downright terrible against Kansas tonight. I said in the pregame preview that we'd learn a lot about the Dawgs and we sure did. What are the biggest problems facing the Dawgs? We can't shoot, we can't play defense, and we love turning the ball over, not to mention we still suck at shooting free throws.

I'm not concerned about the shooting so much, even though they were under 30 percent from the field. There are several scorers on this Husky team it will just be a matter of time when Pondexter and Dentmon start to step it up.

Isaiah Thomas scored 20 and looked great, but the coaches need to start to slowly let him know about playing within his limits. He needs to keep on shooting, but he also needs to start finding his teammates more often.

There is one shooter that will need to get more playing time, Elston Turner Jr. Turner played limited minutes toward the end of the game, but was stroking threes at the end. He is by far the best shooter on this team and will need to be utilized more often as the Huskies are destined to face more zone defenses.

On the defensive side I am concerned about the defense down low. Brockman just got handled on the block by Cole Aldrich who scored 16 points. The blame has got to be put on the coaches though. When Aldrich was dominating Brockman, he needed help from the perimeter. Kansas was only 2-of-10 from the three-point line. I would have liked to see more double-teaming on the other teams' post players.

The free throw shooting was horrendous as usual, 9-of-16 is just not acceptable. One player that was 0-of-2 from the line was Venoy Overton. He needs to perform better or he could be seeing permanent bench time with an already crowded backcourt. It wasn't just the two missed free throws, but the poor fouls (he ended up with three) and his inability to create in the half-court offense.

There is something scary about what I saw today

Jon Brockman being absolutely worthless offensively. He just was not a factor with a taller body defending him. He rebounded well, but he couldn't get anything going as he was double-teamed immediately when the ball went to him. He needs to get rid of the ball immediately as he is extremely prone to turning it over when there are two or even three defenders on him. The Huskies will have to get their shooters to spot up and just fire away when this happens.

What pissed me off the most?

The Huskies did not take care of the ball at ALL. The guards were terrible taking care of the ball when attempting to penetrate the Kansas defense. Everyone is guilty of forcing it, some may point to Thomas' 20 points, but on several occasions he drove to the basket turning the ball over to Kansas for easy fast break points.

On a side note, Bob Knight? Wereshington? It's pronounced Washington (wosh-ing-tuhn). Besides that, you were decent to say the best.

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