Kentucky: Why We Should Be Worried About John Calipari Coaching the Dominican

Jonathan MaldonadoContributor IIISeptember 28, 2011

Kentucky: Why We Should Be Worried About John Calipari Coaching the Dominican

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    The Dominican Republic National Basketball Team was treated to a huge gift this summer when John Calipari decided to coach the team during the FIBA Americas Championship.

    The decision was a success and a disappointment at the same time. The Dominican team did secure its first ever medal in the championships, but the third place finish wasn't enough to reach their ultimate goal:

    A trip to the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    The Olympic qualifiers begin again right before the summer games so Calipari has a chance to reach that goal; however, some are worried this isn't the best idea for Calipari.

    Here's why.

3. The Dominican Team Is Succeeding

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    The Dominican National Basketball Team is succeeding, and John Calipari is a huge part of that success.

    The team won its first medal in history in this year's FIBA Americas Championship and is looking forward to Olympic qualifiers.

    This worries many because there will be an increased focus from Calipari on the Dominican team—focus that many believe should be geared toward is job at Kentucky.

    While Calipari continues success in the Dominican Republic, attention is taken from...

2. Recruitment

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    Kentucky's 2011 recruitment class is shaping up well for John Calipari.

    2012 doesn't look so promising.

    Calipari, should he decide to return to coach the Dominican team, will have to put a ton of time between coaching and traveling, and recruitment will have to wait or be done without his presence.

    How Kentucky and Calipari plan to schedule recruiting is yet to be seen, but should the Dominican team qualify, Calipari will be spending the summer in London and not in prospective student's living rooms.

1. Time Spent Away from the Kentucky Team

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    A team without its leader is a troubled team.

    Calipari being away from the team for the summer will not only hinder recruitment, but will also take away from the team already at Kentucky. The school did already deal with it over this past summer, but the Olympics is an entirely different monster.

    Kentucky is a powerhouse basketball program. A struggling Kentucky team will not be good for the NCAA and the Final Four tournament. Kentucky fans better hope Calipari and the school have a solid plan for Calipari's absence.