UNC Basketball: The Tar Heels' 13 Most Hated Opposing Players of All Time

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IISeptember 7, 2011

UNC Basketball: The Tar Heels' 13 Most Hated Opposing Players of All Time

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    The University of North Carolina basketball has some of the most passionate fans—fans who aren't afraid to let you know when you're not their biggest fan.

    I'm not sure if you've ever experienced a game in the Dean Smith Center, but the atmosphere is electrifying.

    Now, the Heels are a competitor in college basketball's most storied rivalry, which is the cause for much division and hatred in the state of North Carolina.

    Duke vs. UNC has become much more than a game with the media expansion in the last 20 years, and with that, players have grown larger than life.

    As a Tar Heel fan, there are many players that I absolutely despise—a lot of them Dukies.

    In fact, as a generic fan, you may hate a lot of these guys too. Take a look.

Jeff Capel

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    Former Duke guard and current Duke assistant coach Jeff Capel experienced a nice career at Duke.

    While he never had flash, or was outspoken, most Tar Heel fans aren't fond of Capel for one reason.

    In 1995, in one of the most memorable Duke-Carolina games in history, Capel hit a running 40-footer at the buzzer to send the game to double overtime.

    Now although the Heels would go on to win that game, Capel's shot was nominated for an ESPY and the Blue Devils didn't even win.

    Plus, he extended a game that should have already been over. Not cool.

Jay Bilas

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    I feel rather comfortable saying that the anti-Jay Bilas fan club extends much further than Chapel Hill.

    I can not stand the man—especially as an announcer.

    He's smug. He's annoying. He never picks anything correctly and he might be the only person more biased than Dick Vitale.

    Boy, I'll tell you, if there's one person I could boot off ESPN: it'd be Jay Bilas.

    I mean, come on now, he wasn't even that great at Duke.

The Fab Five

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    Most people are aware of "The Fab Five" from ESPN Films' self-titled documentary that aired last year, and that alone was fuel to ignite negative feelings towards them.

    For Carolina fans, they're distaste goes all the way back to the 1993 NCAA National Championship where Michigan's Fab Five faced off against No. 1 North Carolina.

    The Fab Five were a cocky bunch, who really loved the smell of their own (insert desired word here).

    The game ended at 77-71, but not before Chris Webber forgot how many timeouts he had left.

    I'm sure there was no sweeter feeling for Carolina faithful than watching that arrogant bunch go down, and have it end in such amateur fashion. 

    Must have been even sweeter when Michigan was forced to vacate it's entire 1992-93 season due to this bunch.

Kyle Singler

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    Kyle Singler is very high up on my list of most despised Duke basketball players of all time.

    I'm man enough to admit that he was a very good college player, but that's all I'm giving him.

    I can't stand the guy because all he does is complain. This may be a bit of a stretch, but if I were to draft an all-complaining team, I'd draft Singler right up there with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.

    There came a time that I would be complaining to my TV just because my antics could somehow offset the myriad of tears coming from Kyle Singler.

Mike Krzyzewski

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    I hate putting him on here, but for the sake of all Carolina nation, I feel he must be included.

    As an avid Tar Heel fan, I have much respect for Coach K, however, that's not the consensus in Chapel Hill.

    Many Heels fans believe Coach K encourages complaining and rough play.

    Many of them just dislike him because he recently passed legendary Carolina coach Dean Smith for second on the all time coaching wins list.

    No matter what your conviction is, he gets a spot on the list.

Lee Melchionni

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    If I thought Singler was a bad complainer, Lee Melchionni has Kyle's attitude on steroids.

    My gosh, was there someone you've seen who's emotion on the court outweighed his skill level by so much?

    I mean, career averages of 4.5 PTS and 2.2 AST per game are comparable to Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire considering how much he ran his mouth.

    Melchionni currently works as an NBA Player Agent—a fitting position if you ask me.

Bobby Hurley

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    Bobby Hurley possessed the stature that made you believe that absolutely anyone could play the game of basketball.

    However, Hurley could play basketball, very well, and that's the reason why so many Heels' fans can't stand him.

    Even now, watching tape of him run around the court like a little mouse just annoys the hell out of me.

Steve Wojciechowski

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    Steve Wojciechowski was a four-year player for Coach K from 1994-1998. Now, he is currently Coach K's right hand man on the sidelines as assistant coach.

    It's evident that the guy's name alone would piss a lot of people off but I can't stand him because he played like such a jerk-off on the court.

    Like, seriously, slap the floor more why don't you. It doesn't make you any cooler of a person.

Greivis Vasquez

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    There are so many different expletives that I can include in this slide because I despise Greivis Vasquez that much.

    I know I'm not the only one because it's clear that every player who's played in the ACC, along with every ACC fan base of the last five years hate this guy.

    He was good, but he had zero idea how to handle himself.

    Complaining to refs, complaining to coaches, complaining to other teammates; come on, who didn't this guy cry to?

    Thank the Lord that my city doesn't get Memphis Grizzlies coverage so I don't have to watch him anymore.

Larry Drew II

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    Larry Drew earned himself a spot on this list the second he signed to go play for UCLA.

    The guy was a disgrace to Carolina basketball from the moment he walked on campus.

    He was an awful point guard on the court, and cemented his legacy as the "Imfamous Larry Drew" in Tar Heel hearts forever when he literally walked off the team and away from the school.

    We don't need you, Larry, Kendall Marshall is better anyways.

Christian Laettner

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    Laettner gets the number one spot on so many people's lists, but not mine.

    I can't stand the guy, don't get me wrong, we all remember the famous last second shot against Kentucky in 1992.

    I still can't fathom how he got the opportunity to play for the original "Dream Team" along side of all time greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Karl Malone among others. A slap in the face to those guys if you ask me.

    His pretty boy haircut and arrogance add to the hate-mixture, too.

Gerald Henderson

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    I think everyone and their mothers know exactly why he's on this list.

    How can you forget that deliberate cheap-shot elbow he gave Tyler Hansbrough back in 2007?

    I know I don't, I'll never forget it. It was on my birthday for Christ sake and I almost broke my TV.

    Yes, that's right, I almost threw something through my television because I was that infuriated.

J.J. Redick

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    J.J. Redick may be the most hated player in the history of college basketball.

    The guy was just a punk. A classic example of the annoying kid at school who talks all this game and then hides behind his biggest friend. I mean, just look at that grin.

    The fact that he time and time again killed the Tar Heels made it easier to hate him.

    He's my most despised player on any team from any time in history. That's saying a lot, because I don't like LeBron James.

    But seriously, J.J., put more gel in your hair before the game.