Stephen Curry Does Not Disappoint

Michael HurleyContributor INovember 19, 2008

Just my reactions to the Davidson-Oklahoma game last night.

By the way, what a Davidson-Oklahoma game last night.  My god, Blake Griffin, what a man-child—but the real reason we all tuned in was to see baby face Stephen Curry, who didn't disappoint and is putting together quite the season so far.

Some stats to note...

Game 1: 9-20, 29 points, 10 assists and only one turnover, and nine steals

Game 2: 14-19, 4-6 from three-point range, 33 points, nine assists, four TOs, and four steals

Game 3: (AT No. 14 Oklahoma!!!) 12-29, 6-15 from three-point range, 44 points, three assists, three TOs, and two steals

Now this is a guy who every team game plans for probably more than any other single player in the nation.  He is 6'3", 185 and touches the ball more than Kobe does for the Lakers.  He is the point guard and also the best scorer, shooter, you name it.  When he doesn't have the ball, he is running around more screens than Reggie Miller and Rip Hamilton combined.

Now if you have the ball that much, turnovers are expected.  His assist to turnover ratio right now is 1.875 to 1.  Actually, my mistake—that is his STEAL TO TURNOVER ratio. I want Elias to tell me the last time a college basketball player had that steal to turnover ratio after his first three games of the season. Now yes, I understand a bunch came against D-III Guilford, but give credit where credit is due. 

His real assist to turnover ratio is 2.75 to 1.  The guy has transitioned from shooting guard to point guard more smoothly than even optimists could expect.  If only they could have beaten Oklahoma.

In my mind they proved they deserved the ranking though.  They simply went into Norman and played against a top 15 team with the strongest forward in basketball this year, who just decided to turn into a combination of the Incredible Hulk and Michael Beasley and put up 20 and 20.

I recommend everyone watching as many games as you can of Curry this year, because after this he is done.  No way he is coming back for his senior year, so clear out your Tuesday, Dec. 9, because it is the next time Davidson is on ESPN.  They will be at the greatest arena on Earth, Madison Square Garden, to play the Mountaineers.