St. John's University Alumni Finally Have a Reason to Cheer

Mike MoraitisAnalyst IAugust 17, 2011

Keegan Bradley's PGA Tour Championship win is one half of St. John's "Week of Pride."
Keegan Bradley's PGA Tour Championship win is one half of St. John's "Week of Pride."Andrew Redington/Getty Images

St. John's University has had quite a week.  Two of their own were thrust into immortality in the span of a week, giving the alumni of St. John's something to be proud of, for the first time in awhile.

I attended St. John's University for the better part of two years and in all my time there, a black cloud hovered over the entire campus.  St. John's was always known for their strong basketball program, a program that was dead in the dirt for several years. 

Corruption and a ton of losses made it tough to watch their basketball team, and I found myself without any desire to buy a ticket to watch my own college's team.

Keegan Bradley was a student at St. John's, but that's not what he is best known for.  In fact, until last week, he wasn't known for anything.  Now with a PGA Tour Championship victory under his belt and his first major win in the books, the pride of St. John's is celebrating Keegan Bradley.  His edge of your seat victory is only part one of a week of pride for the Red Storm.

Chris Mullin was then inducted into the NBA's Hall of Fame.  Mullin was a three-time Big East Player of the Year for St. John's and his recent induction into the Hall of Fame shows the quality of person and athlete that is truly representative of the university.

Hopefully the great achievements of Keegan Bradley and Chris Mullin, combined with the resurgence of Steve Lavin's Red Storm, will get St. John's back on the road to respectability and, eventually, greatness.  God knows, it's been long enough.