Men's College Basketball: 18 Most Memorable Highlights in Regular Season History

Andy BrownAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2011

Men's College Basketball: 18 Most Memorable Highlights in Regular Season History

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    Let's be honest, not many fans are able to remember regular season college basketball games. Most of the memorable games come from the NCAA tournament or conference tournaments.

    That's not to say that the regular season isn't filled with some pretty spectacular moments, it's just those games aren't nearly as important in the long run. Basketball isn't like football in which losing a game could mean the end of a national championship opportunity, so naturally, fans don't put a ton of focus into the regular season games.

    Sure, we recall our favorite team's memorable moments, but rarely do we recall crazy regular season games.

    Here are a few memorable highlights, many of which I hadn't seen, but definitely qualify as highlights that every person should watch at least once.

Pearl Washington's Near-Half Court Game-Winner

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    An impressive shot for Syracuse at the end of the game, though if you look closely, the referee waves the basket off. I would've loved to know if the replay showed that the ref was wrong.

Shaq Dunks over Defender

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    Before he was shattering rims in the NBA, this play was a glimpse as to just how dominant Shaquille O'Neal of LSU would become in the near future.

Kentucky's Dirk Minniefield Throws Down Against Mississippi State

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    I don't know who Dirk Minniefield is, but man, what a dunk.

UNLV's Jarvis Basnight Dunks over Defender...Literally

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    This reminds me of Vince Carter's dunk over the French guy, except not as good. Still, Jarvis Basnight jumped completely over a player.

Pitt's Jerome Lane Breaks Rim

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    Ever wonder where Bill Raftery's famous "Send it in Jerome!" quote came from? Watch and you'll find out. Probably the most famous dunk in regular season history.

Jerry Stackhouse Dunks Against Duke

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    Probably the best dunk in the history of the UNC-Duke rivalry.

Duke's Sean Dockery Hits Buzzer-Beater Against Virginia Tech

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    I remember watching this game and my jaw dropping, along with those of the entire Virginia Tech roster.

Crazy USC Comeback over Oregon

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    Down five with 2.8 seconds to go. Impressive to say the least.

Cedric Jackson Hits 60-Foot Buzzer-Beater

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    Cleveland State gets on the map with Cedric Jackson's incredible heave to beat powerhouse Syracuse. This was on SportsCenter for about a year.

Guilford's Jordan Snipes Hits Improbable Full-Court Heave

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    Probably the most impressive end-of-game shot I've ever seen. Too bad this was in a Division III game. Had it been for a team like Kansas, this would be one of the greatest shots ever.

Dante Jackson Hits Game-Winner Against Virginia Tech

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    This is why Dante Jackson of Xavier is in the opener of the slideshow. Fast-forward to the end and watch his incredible shot to win the game.

Miles Simon Hits 3/4-Court Buzzer-Beater

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    Before Arizona cut down the nets in 1997, Miles Simon made people take particular notice of the Wildcats after this shot.

Nick Robinson of Stanford Sinks Arizona

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    I remember watching this game, and with me not being a fan of either team and the fact that it was during the regular season, that's pretty memorable.

Matt Dickey Steals Inbounds Pass and Hits 3-Pointer to Beat Coastal Carolina

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    A recent one, but a good one nonetheless. I'll admit this is via my personal preference as my parents reside in Asheville and I've been to a few of UNC-Asheville's games. Still, stealing the inbounds pass and draining an off-balance three-pointer is pretty sick. Remember that this same team made a little noise in the NCAA tournament, winning an incredible opening-round game.

UConn's A.J. Price Breaks Jerel McNeal's Ankles

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    I had to include a killer crossover, and this was one of my favorites. Poor Jerel McNeal.

Jimmer Fredette Hits a 30-Footer Like It's Nothing

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    Hitting a 30-footer at the end of games is standard. Hitting a 30-footer in the middle of the game with the shot clock not winding down shows that BYU's Fredette has some serious guts.

LSU's Pete Maravich

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    I couldn't find a particular highlight, but to those that had the privilege of watching Pistol Pete have said he was the most memorable player in college history. He was like a Harlem Globetrotter, only he made crazy plays and shots without committing any violations. Just watch and admire.

Duke's Epic Comeback to Beat Maryland

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    Probably the greatest comeback in the past ten years. Down ten with less than a minute left against one of the best teams in the country.