Top 2012 Recruit Andre Drummond Appears to Be Uninterested in College

Dan BodnerCorrespondent IJune 23, 2011

Drummond is a consensus top three recruit in 2012.
Drummond is a consensus top three recruit in 2012.

The more and more I read about Andre Drummond, the more and more I am convinced that this kid has minimal interest in attending college.

For instance, in an article in today’s Courier Journal, when Drummond is asked about which colleges may be on his list, he replies that he “is not interested in anybody right now.”

Drummond continues to appear uninterested throughout the entire interview and explains that “I’m not going to sit around and play games with the coaches. I’m not going to tell them I’m interested when I’m not.”

He further explains that any of the speculation on the schools he may be interested in is just that: speculation. He has not told anyone a list of schools that he likes, so those people who say he is interested in a certain school are just taking a shot in the dark.

So much for the Drummond to Connecticut or Kentucky hype.

So why does Drummond seem so uninterested?

Well, I am beginning to believe the reports that say he may skip college entirely and go straight to the NBA in 2012.

This is a legitimate possibility for Drummond because the NBA rules state that, in order to be eligible for the Draft, a player must be 19-years-old and a year removed from high school. In 2012 Drummond will be 19-years-old and a year removed from his original graduating class.

Yet, it is not simply the possibility that he can enter the Draft that makes me believe he will do so, it is the fact that he has already passed up the opportunity to go to college once.

Earlier this year he had the opportunity to reclassify into the 2011 class because he had already finished up all of his core high school classwork. Had he done this, he would have been a part of this past year’s recruiting class and been eligible to play this upcoming year.

Instead, he elected to stay in high school for another year and stick with the 2012 class. This seemed to be a strange choice at the time, considering the fact that he was already essentially finished with high school.

Many people had speculated that he possibly felt unprepared mentally or physically for the college game or that he simply had no idea what college he wanted to attend.

Now, the choice appears to make a little more sense. Maybe he didn’t pass up the opportunity to go to college because he was indecisive or thought he was unprepared. Maybe he passed up the opportunity simply because he didn’t want to go to college.

If your ultimate goal is to reach the NBA and you can accomplish that goal while staying in the comfortable and familiar confines of high school, why would you waste your time by going to college?

Obviously, many players enjoy college and embrace the opportunity for a higher education, but it isn't right for everyone. Perhaps this is the case with Drummond.

Drummond is currently ranked as a consensus top three player in the 2012 class by most recruiting services. Odds are quite a few NBA teams would be interested in this type of prospect, even if he is coming straight out of high school.

Ultimately, I would expect NBA teams to take a long, hard look at Drummond in the upcoming year. If any of these teams believe that he would be worth taking a chance on with a first round pick, then I highly doubt that we will ever see him enrolled in college.

If Drummond does indeed end up attending college, it is probably only because he has to.


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