Well, nuts!

Adam AmickSenior Writer IFebruary 8, 2007

IconIt was bound to happen, sooner or later.  One of the top-two ladies hoops teams were going to go down... Take that first loss.  The gooseegg erased.

Damn if it had to be the Lady Tarheels.

I didn't watch the game, indeed, after the harrowing come-from-behind victory UNC put on Duke 24 hours ago, I don't think I could have.  Fact is, I just forgot about it being on.  I would liked to have watched it, but didn't like the outcome, and it would have just been a pain in the ass. So I'm glad I didn't bother. My Jedi mind-link to control events still isn't quite back up to full-power to reach from Arlington, Texas to Chapel Hill, NC.

I didn't forget about the men's game Wednesday night... I just didn't have the balls to watch it.  For some reason, it just didn't feel good... That, or it was aftereffects of a barfasaurus-rex ailment that KO'd me from early Monday morning until Tuesday and I'm still not regular.  Then again it could have been that I'm just enjoying the hell out of having The Military Channel on Dish Network.

Since it's multiple-choice, I'll take C) The Military Channel distracted me.

Actually I did turn it on a couple of times, then ran for cover.  It wasn't looking good for a while there.  But Coach Williams has that team pretty-well squared-away (to continue the military references). Not that they haven't blown three games this year that they should have won, but that builds character, and that's exactly what this young Tar Heel squad needs before going into the tournament.

As for the ladies... You girls got your asses spanked... And at home.  Not so good. 

I don't think UNC's girls will drop in the rankings, nor should they.  This was a 1 vs. 2 game for who is the best in the nation right now... But now doesn't matter in March.

You'll get a chance at redemption, but will have to do it down tobacco road at Dukey. But hey, just follow the leader... The men did it, you can to.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Go Tar Heels!