NBA Draft 2011: Writers Use Harrison Barnes to Boost Their Readership

Cliff PotterCorrespondent IApril 15, 2011

With Harrison Barnes, everything is well-planned.
With Harrison Barnes, everything is well-planned.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We can see them proliferating before our very eyes.

More and more people are speculating about Harrison Barnes and others who could make their announcements today about the 2011 NBA Draft. Headlines abound from sports pundits parading their commentary about Barnes going pro.

In my opinion, this scenario is getting a little ugly. In their rush to use strong headlines and draw attention to themselves and their articles, writers often make mistakes about Barnes' status or other facts surrounding the situation.

Ironically, I believe they will be losing readership with what are often hastily crafted articles that spread erroneous rumors masquerading as fact.

I say we need to get real, and focus on the present status and what is likely.

First, it is likely that Barnes will make his announcement in prime time. He is already a capable communicator with more skills in speaking to the media than most pros.

For this reason alone, he is a godsend for any team that gets him. He is honest and self-deprecating. A man among youth. Barnes would be a great fit for any team looking for a good public face on their franchise.

Secondly, this announcement, one way or another, will likely happen with Roy Williams by his side. There is almost no doubt that this will occur. So if it does, and Williams is out of town today, an announcement one way or the other is not likely.

Third, there are a ton of things someone needs to do if a player is making his decision to go to the NBA. Among these things are checking on insurance, finding out where the player will go, how much guaranteed money they stand to make and the length of the contract being offered. This can all be done quickly if you are not going back to school. But if you can go back and love college, then the decision is that much more difficult.

We will find out, perhaps even today, what the decision is. But I don't think it will be rushed, and I don't think it will be full of media presence. And it could occur in a week or so.

We'll see what happens.