Butler-UConn and the Worst Championship Games in Sports History

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IApril 5, 2011

Butler-UConn and the Worst Championship Games in Sports History

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    Connecticut defeated Butler tonight in what was an underwhelming championship game. Although the game wasn't so great and the shooting was horrible, one can't take away the effort put forth by the players during the game.

    The effort was commendable, but the game was just ugly and ranks among the worst championship games of all-time.

    Here is my list of the worst championship games in the history of sports.

    *these are in no order.

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2001 Orange Bowl

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    The BCS National Championship game in 2001 was a real barn burner. The game featured Oklahoma and Florida State. The Sooners won the game by a score of 13-2.

    The first touchdown came in the fourth quarter and the Seminoles' only points came from a safety late in the fourth quarter.

    The game overall was a flop and rather boring. 

1983 NBA Finals

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    The 1983 NBA Finals was a sweep. The 76ers and the Lakers.

    The series was host to many future Hall of Famers including Magic Johnson, but the Lakers came out on the bottom on this one.

    Getting swept by the 76ers was not a highlight. The games were not even that close and it was just a blowout, but the Lakers would end up dominating the decade.

1997 Stanley Cup Finals

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    In the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals, the Detroit Red Wings swept the Philadelphia Flyers in a four-game series. The Red Wings just handled the Flyers and the games were far from close, even in hockey standards.

    In Game 3, the Red Wings scored six goals in what showed their superiority as a team.

    It was a boring Stanley cup and ranks among the worst championships in sports, for the Flyers at least.

1999 World Series

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    With Y2K looming, the World Series was still played and it wasn't so great. The Yankees swept the series and only one of the games was competitive.

    The Yankees outscored the Braves 21-9 in what was dubbed as one of the best in the century coming into the series.

    It turned out to be a flop and rather boring for anyone who was not a Yankee fan.

2011 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball National Championship

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    This was just a horrible game to watch. Both teams were not hitting shots and Butler shot 18 percent from the field, the second-worst percentage in the whole tournament.

    I don't think anyone could have expected this to happen, as everyone was hoping for a great game.

    UConn came out on top in what was a snoozer.

1987 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball National Championship

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    This was a matchup between Tennessee and Louisiana Tech. Tennessee came out and took care of business, beating Louisiana Tech 67-44.

    To make matters worse for this blowout is the fact that it was women's basketball being played.

2006 Final Four

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    Not only was the championship game bad in 2006, but the whole Final Four was also just as bad. 

    Every game turned out to be a blowout, and the closest game was a 14-point differential in the semifinals. 

    It was definitely not a year to attend the Final Four, unless you were one of the millions who were on the George Mason wagon that year.

    It was overall a horrible Final Four weekend, and by far one of the worst in the history of the tournament.

1940 NFL Championship Game

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    This was one heck of a game, let me tell you. The Redskins faced the Bears in what would go down in infamy as the worst NFL championship game ever.

    The Bears beat the Redskins 73-0. That is just ridiculous and would be horrible to watch unless you were a Bears fan.

    Good thing very few people who can pull up this article on that "computer contraption" are old enough to remember that one.

1989 World Series

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    The Bay Series was one of the biggest blowouts in the history of sports. The San Francisco Giants just couldn't handle the Oakland Athletics. 

    Although the series will be remembered for the earthquake, it was not a great performance or show whatsoever.

    The A's won the series with a combined score of 32-14 in what was just a bad World Series. 

Super Bowl XXIV 1990

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    The San Francisco 49ers faced off against the Denver Broncos in what was a matchup of two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, Joe Montana and John Elway.

    Montana got the best out of the young Elway in this one, beating the Broncos 55-10.

    It was a bad game to watch and there was not much excitement, unless you were rooting for the 49ers.