"Satch" Sullinger to Join the Buckeye Staff as a Consultant/Assistant Coach?

Taveus HawkinsContributor IIMarch 30, 2011

Coach "Satch" Sullinger
Coach "Satch" SullingerPaul Abell/Getty Images

"Satch" Sullinger is a big man!  Anyone with eyes can see that.

"Satch" Sullinger can coach big men.  Anyone that has seen his son Jared play will attest to that.

Big men under Thad Matta have developed rather slowly.  They have had great size and raw talent, but left too early to refine their skills under proper tutelage. 

Greg Oden, Kosta Koufos and Byron "BJ" Mullins have not quite set the pro ranks on fire!  They've struggled to say the least.

Now is the time to reach out and get a big man coach.  "Satch" Sullinger certainly fills the bill.  Coach Sullinger is big enough to fill almost any bill.  He's a big man that relates to big men. 

Please allow him to work with our big men.  He'll do a bang-up job.

He's a talented coach that can coach the big men.  His body of work demonstrates that.  His son Jared speaks volumes for him.

When have we seen a player walking around "Mirror Lake" with that kind of maturity and composure in their first year of college basketball?  I think a lot of that has to do with him being under the direction of his dad for so many years.  He's had great coaching. 

His hands are amazing.  Maybe almost as good as Chris Webber's.  His footwork is unbelievable.  He dances like the hippo in Disney's "Fantasia."  That, my friends, comes from good coaching.

He has seen some great competition and he is able to do much more than we witnessed on the court this year.  He can also play facing the bucket.  Yes, at almost 290 pounds he can put the ball on the floor, cross you over, and whatever...you get my point.

Jared is almost complete.  There are things he'll work on this summer during regional and international competition.  He'll be in the gym putting final touches on a sculpted body.  The Buckeyes will contend once again.

Hopefully, his dad can be an integral part of Buckeye basketball.  You have Amir Williams at 6'10" coming in from Chris Webber's old high school in Detroit.  A 6'9" Trey McDonald along with 6'7" Sam Thompson.  Oh...I almost forgot.  There's also a 6'8" bruiser in Evan Revenel who transferred from Boston College.  Did I mention LaQuinton Ross?  He's 6'8" and has a "sweet" jump shot.

J.D. Weatherspoon at 6'7" will regain his eligibility and he is one of the most athletic players on the team.  He played with "Sully" under "Satch" at Columbus Northland.  Coach Sullinger can probably keep him on the "straight and narrow."  We certainly could have used him this season.

It's obvious that "Satch" likes coaching.  He does it very well!  He certainly likes teaching young men. 

Remember Ed Manning joining his son Danny at Kansas with Larry Brown.  Didn't they win it all?

I'm only saying...that could very well happen in Columbus.