NCAA Tournament Day 2 Live Blog: Derrick Williams, Arizona Defeat Memphis 77-75

Joseph Fafinski@Joseph FafinskiCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2011

Joseph Fafinski here covering the Round of 64 at the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today's matchup pits the fifth-seeded Arizona Wildcats versus the 12th-seeded Memphis Tigers.

Arizona comes in with a 27-7 record overall and a 14-4 conference record in the Pac-10. Memphis, the tournament champions of Conference USA, rolls into Oklahoma with a 25-9 record and went 10-6 in conference play.

2:59 PM ET

Memphis will start Chris Crawford, Charles Carmouche, Will Barton, Antonio Barton, and Tarik Black will start for the Tigers. Lamont Jones, Kyle Fogg, Jesse Perry, Derrick Williams, and Solomon Hill will start for Arizona.

3:04 PM ET

I'm really excited to see what consensus top 10 pick Derrick Williams will do in this game, folks. Interesting stat: Arizona is 21-1 when they outrebound their opponents. Memphis' Chris Crawford hits a three to make a 3-1 Tiger lead. Antonio Barton is slashing his way through, and it's 7-1 early here.

3:08 PM ET

Barton makes another field goal and gets the and-one, and it's 10-1 with 16:23 to go in the first half here. Lamont Jones makes a pair of free throws. I am still waiting for Derrick Williams' first action here; he hasn't touched it yet, and with that, a layup. 10-5 Memphis, 15:24 to go in the first.

3:15 PM ET

Williams, who has five points early here after a three-point play, takes a seat after committing a foul. It's 14-8 right now in Memphis' favor. The Bartons look really good early here thus far. Another three-point play for the Tigers and it's 17-8 with 12:59 to go.

3:23 PM ET

A pair of Witherspoon free throws make it 21-11. Derrick Williams answers with a three-point play. Man, I'd love to see him in a Timberwolves uniform next season. It's 21-14 now. Memphis on a 7-for-11 start. A jumper by the Wildcats cuts the lead to five. Timeout Tigers. 9:46 to go, and it's 21-16 Memphis.

3:29 PM ET

Ouch. Williams misses three shots in a row. An exchange of baskets, and another timeout for Memphis, 7:26 to go, and it's 24-18 Memphis.

3:38 PM ET

With six minutes left it's now 26-23 Memphis. Untimely turnovers are dooming the Tigers here as Arizona is on their way back. Fogg makes a layup, and it's a one point game. Arizona takes the lead the next possession, and Derrick Williams has 12. An exchange of baskets makes it a 29-28 'Zona lead. Will Barton scoops one in, and Memphis once again takes the lead. 

3:47 PM ET

Three straight buckets for the Wildcats makes it 35-30 with 2:38 to go in the first half. After a few Tiger free throws, it's now a three point deficit. After an intentional foul on Arizona, Carmouche goes to the line, and drains both. It's now 35-34. Memphis retakes the lead with a Witherspoon three! 1:45 to go.

3:51 PM ET

Six straight for Arizona makes it a 41-37 lead. One of two free throws for the Tigers, and the Wildcats promptly turn it right back over. This will be the final shot, and Witherspoon misses the three. Arizona leads Memphis at half 41-38.

4:19 PM ET

The second half begins with an exchange of baskets, and it is a 43-40 game. Williams, the game's leading scorer, heads to the line and drains both. Carmouche gets his fourth foul in the process. Williams heads to the line again and completes the three point play. It's 48 to 40 now. Memphis is in horrible foul trouble right now, but rattle off six in a row. 48-46, Arizona, 16 minutes left in the second half.

4:23 PM ET

A make by the Tigers, and it's tied at 48!

4:32 PM ET

A 13-0 run by Memphis is erased, and it is currently tied at 53. There's 11:58 to go, folks. We're in for a great finish here in Tulsa!

4:38 PM ET

Memphis misses two free throws, and Momo Jones takes advantage, and gets it to Horne with a three point play. It's 56 to 53 in favor of Arizona with 11:42 left in the game. Witherspoon's dunk cuts the deficit to one. 11 minutes left to go, and it's 56 to 55 in favor of Arizona.

4:44 PM ET

The Tigers are on a 10-2 run courtesy of the Barton brothers. 8:59 to go, and Memphis leads 63-58. Jackson makes it 65 to 61 on a sick reverse layup.

4:52 PM ET

Derrick Williams hit two free throws, and he's nine for nine on the game. It's 65 to 63 right now in Memphis' favor. An easy Wildcat bucket ties the game with five and a half to go. Timeout Memphis. Same score with 5:02 to go here in Tulsa.

4:56 PM ET

Two minutes of scoreless basketball have gone by and we near 3:45 to go. Right when I finish writing that statement, Williams drains a three. He's got 22 here, and we have 3:30 to go, and it's 68-65 Arizona on top.

5:04 PM ET

A three-point play for Memphis ties it up at 68, and they turn the ball over the following possession. Turnovers are killing the Tigers. Momo Jones hits a three, and Memphis misses on their following possession. One minute to go and Arizona leads 71-68. 'Zona heads to the line with 53.1 seconds to go and a three point game.

5:06 PM ET

Two Wildcat free throws make it a five point game. Barton follows it with a score, and the lead is three. 38 seconds to go, and it's a 73-70 lead for the Arizona Wildcats.

5:11 PM ET

After a tangle, the Wildcats' Al Horne goes to the line with 23.7 seconds to go, and he hits both to make it a five point game. It's a 75 to 70 game, Arizona on top. Jackson, quite possibly the fastest Memphis Tiger on the floor, gets fouled. He drains the first free throw, and calmly sinks the second one. 19.8 seconds to go, and it's a three point Arizona lead, and there's a Memphis steal! A missed three...and a made layup! One point lead for Arizona, 12.8 seconds to go.

5:14 PM ET

Momo Jones gets fouled with 7.4 seconds to go. 75-74, Arizona as of right now, and Jones hits the first from the charity stripe with ease. The second one is up and good. It's a 77-74 game with seven seconds to go. Memphis has it, and Jackson gets fouled with five seconds left.

5:18 PM ET

The second free throw is up and no good, obviously, and a no call by the referee. That was a terrible no call, folks. I have Arizona winning on my bracket, but that was just ridiculous. There's 0.1 seconds left and 'Zona will be at the line. The clock is adjusted to 0.4, and Horne misses the first free throw. He misses the second but there isn't enough strength on the full court heave, and the final is: Arizona 77, Memphis 75. Arizona will play Texas on Sunday.


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