NCAA Basketball: Jimmer Fredette's Top 10 Performances

Jeff HansenContributor IMarch 24, 2011

NCAA Basketball: Jimmer Fredette's Top 10 Performances

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    Jimmer Fredette has been electrifying all year long. He leads the nation in scoring and has had some very impressive showings in the biggest games for BYU. 

    Jimmer has Jimmered people on a seemingly nightly basis. I tried to take a few of the Jimmerings and rank them into the most impressive. 

    Hopefully a few Jimmeries are sparked as you remember these memorable performances.

10. Vs. Nevada 12/22/09, 33 Points

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    This was the game that started it all.

    Jimmer scored 30 points for the first time in his career as he led the Cougars to a victory over Nevada. Fredette shot 11-of-16 from the field and didn't miss a free throw on his way to 33 points. He also chipped in six assists along the way.

    BYU fans had already seen good performances from Fredette before this game, but this was the first time that Fredette played like a superstar. It was a small look into the great things that were about to come from the Jimmer.  

9. Vs. Utah 1/30/10, 36 Points

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    This won't be the only time that the Utes show up on this list. Fredette has always seemed to play well against rival Utah. 

    Fredette shot 11-of-23 from the field including four-of-five from beyond the arc. At the end of the game he finished with 36 points as BYU routed Utah. 

    The first half was all BYU. But in the second half Utah came out and tried to make a game of it. 23 of Fredette's 36 points came in the second half. The game had a couple of different scuffles between players as the in-state rivalry heated up.

    Every time Utah made a shot in an effort to make a come back, Fredette made a shot to stop the run.

8. Vs. TCU 3/11/10, 45 Points

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    Fredette's second 40-point game of the year came in the first game on the Mountain West Conference tournament. This was truly an impressive showing by Fredette.

    The only thing that upset Fredette himself about this game was the one free throw that he missed. He made 23 others, but missed one.

    Fredette took over this game and set a Mountain West Conference tournament record for points. (He would eventually break his own record later.)

    This game would be higher on the list except it came against TCU. Although Fredette has typically not had his best games against the Horned Frogs, they are the lower-tier of competition that Fredette has played, and therefore this game is ranked fairly low.  

7. Vs. Arizona 12/11/10, 33 Points

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    In a game that featured future lottery picks (assuming that Derrick Williams enters the draft), Fredette stole the show. There must be something about seeing Arizona's jersey that helps Fredette score. 

    In a game at EnergySolutions Arena, Fredette shot 11-of-22 and 3-of-6 from three. He had two of his more impressive three-point shots during this game. Fredette simply took over. 

    He did more than just score against Arizona, he also pulled down a season high nine rebounds. This was a great performance by Jimmer. 

6. Vs. UNLV 1/5/11, 39 Points

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    This should have been a big lesson for UNLV guard Tre'Von Willis.

    Days before the game Willis said that Fredette was "supposedly the best player in the conference." Thirty-nine points and a deep three from the V on UNLV wasn't enough to teach Willis. He continued to run his mouth the rest of the year. 

    Fredette didn't seem to mind, however. He Jimmered Willis by shooting 7-of-13 from three point range. Jimmer had yet to beat UNLV on their home floor, and this was going to be his last chance to do so. He answered the call and left Vegas with a bang. 

    This game was the first game of the conference season for Fredette, and he got it started off on a good note that he followed the rest of the year.

5. Vs. Utah (again) 1/11/11, 47 Points

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    Yep, he did it against Utah again. 

    This was the game that sparked Jimmermania across the entire nation. Fredette went off for 47 points on 16-of-28 shooting and an outstanding 6-of-9 from deep. 

    After this game the nation started to wonder if this Jimmer kid was the real deal. He started appearing regularly on Sportscenter and other national sporting programs.

    This game was a key game for him in vaulting himself to superstar status. 

4. Vs. Florida 3/18/10, 37 Points

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    Jimmer led the Cougars to their first win in the NCAA tournament in what felt like an eternity for the Cougar faithful. It took two overtimes and some late game heroics from Fredette, but his 37 points was enough to lead the Cougars to a win.

    Fredette was under constant pressure from Florida guard Kenny Boynton almost the entire game. Boynton did a very good job on Fredette, holding him to just 13-of-26 shooting. (Yes, 50 percent I know. But for those who saw the game it felt like it was a lot worse than that.)

    Florida was (and still is as we will see tomorrow) much more athletic than Fredette and BYU. But that didn't slow Fredette down. He kept doing his thing, hitting long range shots and getting to the line.

    It was a great game for Fredette and a huge step in his career. 

3. Vs. Arizona (again) 12/28/09, 49 Points

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    It is really, really hard for me to put this game this low. Forty-nine points, seven rebounds and nine assists on the road should be much higher. But I think that this is the right fit for this game.

    Fredette set the single game scoring record at BYU and at the McKale Center in Arizona. Fredette shot 16-of-23 and made an outstanding nine three-point shots. Fredette shot the Cougars to a very big win against a storied program.

    There isn't much I can say about this game other than "WOW!" The video speaks for itself.  

2. Vs. San Diego State 1/28/11, 43 Points

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    In the biggest game of Mountain West Conference history, Jimmer Fredette came up big.

    This game featured 20-0 San Diego State and 19-1 BYU. The Marriott Center was as loud as it's ever been. BYU students had camped out for two days waiting in line for tickets to this. Everyone was hoping for a monster game from Fredette.

    He didn't disappoint. 

    Fredette shot 14-of-24 and made five shots from deep on his way to a 43-point night. This was his third 40-point showing in four games. 

    After the big win and the big game, Jimmer Fredette started to be taken more seriously as one of the best players in college basketball. San Diego State was the best team that BYU had played all year, and Fredette managed to have one of his best games. 

    The most exciting part about this game was the Twitter world. Stars were watching Fredette go crazy, highlighted by Kevin Durant saying "Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!!"

1. Vs. New Mexico 3/11/11, 52 Points

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    What more can I say? Fifty-two points in the conference tournament against the team that had beaten them twice already this year. Jimmer Fredette came up big. 

    Jimmer scored 52 points. And the most outstanding statistic about the game?

    He only shot one free throw. 

    22-of-37 from the field and seven three-point shots was an outstanding game on the part of Fredette. 

    In this game he broke the BYU career scoring record, the BYU single-game scoring record and the Mountain West Conference single-game scoring record.

    It was an amazing, amazing performance by Fredette. 

The End of a Great Career

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    BYU and college basketball fans everywhere have been lucky to see a player like this. It will be a long time before we see a player like Jimmer Fredette. 

    Whether or not his game translates to the NBA is yet to be seen, but he was an electrifying college basketball player.