Grant Hill Can't See Jalen Rose's World Through Duke Blue Devil-Colored Glasses

Michael CampanellaContributor IMarch 17, 2011

YES we are above everyone else
YES we are above everyone elseJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So, Jalen Rose goes on the ESPN documentary about the Fab Five and describes his feelings towards Duke, the type of black athletes they recruited and specifically mentioned Grant Hill.

He called him a b!#$% and used the term "Uncle Tom." BACK THEN.

He specifically mentioned how he felt toward Grant and that Duke only wanted those that came from wealthy, educated, mother-father families and that the Blue Devils would NEVER be interested in a young man from the hood or ghetto nor extend a helping or welcoming hand to the less fortunate. BACK THEN.

These were the comments of an 17-year-old who emphatically stated that he was jealous of Grant because Jalen never even knew who his father was. BACK THEN.

Now, Grant Hill has the gal and audacity to respond with a well-written, eloquently, Latin-laced, higher educated rhetoric diatribe.

Really dude? Are you really that stuck on yourself and snobbish that still to this day 20 years later, you can peer down your nose through blue-colored glasses and mock upon the comments of an 17-year-old inner city-raised child?

It just continues to add to the overwhelming profound opinion the majority of the public feels towards these Duke elitists. Hill repeatedly let everyone know what a wonderful and wealthy family he was raised by, with parents that were professional athletes and continue to be employed as educated professionals. 

Rose was raised by a single mother in the low-income areas near Detroit.

Sorry Mr. Hill, but you have no idea what it was like to be in shoes or how he felt, BACK THEN.

Jalen Rose's entire narration of events, thoughts and feelings during the 1992 season of the Michigan basketball team was based upon what they did and felt, BACK THEN!

So I say once again, does it really make you feel that much better as a human being to argue with or debate the thoughts and feelings of a 17-year-old inner city youth with your own feelings as a 38-year-old grown man?