NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011: Breaking Down Purdue Boilermakers vs. St. Peter's

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2011

NCAA Tournament Bracket 2011: Breaking Down Purdue Boilermakers vs. St. Peter's

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    The NCAA tournament is here and it's time to start breaking down the match-ups. JaJuan Johnson and the Purdue Boilermakers are looking to be key contender for the national title this season.

    Purdue's first round opponent is the St. Peter's Peacocks a 14 seed in the tournament.

    Here is a breakdown of the match-up.

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St. Peter's General Information

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    St. Peters is a small private Roman Catholic college that is located in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Their enrollment is around 3,200 undergraduate.

    Athletically they are known as the Peacocks and compete in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

    The Peacocks have made 2 previous tournament appearances losing both in the 1990s. 

Record Breakdown

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    The Saint Peters Peacocks have a record of 20-13 on the season and were the winners of the MAAC tournament, thus earning a tournament bid.

    The have an RPI of 93 and have yet to play any key games, unless one counts Old Dominion as a key match-up.

    They lost the game against Old Dominion. Their other key-matchup was against Alabama a game in which they won.  

Key Player: Wesley Jenkins

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    Jenkins is a 6'2" guard out of New Jersey.  Jenkins seems on paper like a decent player, not sure that he is Big Ten starting level, but he is a decent player for the Peacocks.  He averages 12.8 points per game and five rebounds along with a steal and a half per game. 

    He shoots just 37 percent from the field and takes around 12 shots per game.


    Jenkins looks like St. Peter's best perimeter defender, so look for him to be on Moore most of the game.

    Purdue has some options when it comes to defending Jenkins.  Expect Moore to guard him most of the game however.

Key Player: Jeron Belin

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    Jeron Belin is a 6'6" forward for the Peacocks.  Belin is basically the Peacock's makeshift power forward similar to Purdue's DJ Byrd.

    Belin averages 11.6 pointer and around five rebounds per game.  Belin seems like the type of player who will be able to play on the perimeter and in the post.


    Expect Belin to be responsible for either Travis Caroll or DJ Byrd whichever one of those guys happens to be at the time.  

    For the Boilermakers they have a big easier task on guarding Belin as they have a lot of players that are capable.  Expect to see Byrd on him most of the game, or even Johnson when Purdue is going big.

Key Player: Nick Leon

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    Nick Leon is a similar player to Lewis Jackson.  In fact, most point guards that are under six feet tall play for schools like St. Peters, but Jackson is the exception.

    Leon is a scoring point to some degree averaging around 10 points per game and three assists.

    Leon is a great defender and is expected to shut-down opponents point guards.


    Lewis Jackson and Nick Leon are going to quite acquainted to each-other in this one.

Key Player: Ryan Bacon

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    Ryan Bacon is a 6'7" forward who is the post man for St. Peter's.  

    Bacon is averaging 10 points per game and seven and a half rebounds.  Bacon is the post player for St. Peter's one job you would not wan to have in this game.


    Bacon will be given the test of guarding one of the best post players in the nation JaJuan Johnson. Expect Johnson to come out and change up his game, abandoning the finesse and going straight for the hoop on the smaller Bacon.  JaJuan Johnson is going to cook some breakfast in this game, would you like some eggs with that Bacon?

Match-Ups to Exploit

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    The Boilermakers will look to exploit the post match-up with Johnson and Bacon on the inside.  Bacon is going to have his hands full containing Johnson and will have a lot of trouble scoring on Johnson.

    It will be tough for the Peacocks to do much on the inside against this team, so look for JaJuan Johnson to have a great game in the tournament.  

Team Stats

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    St. Peters is known for their defense and is in no way an offensive team. They are ranked 316th in the nation only averaging 61 points per game, and remember this is in the MAAC.

    Look for the Peacocks to have a lot of trouble scoring on one of the top 10 defenses in the country, especially since they are a smaller team and that plays in the hands of the Boilermakers.

Key Players for Purdue

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    Purdue needs to have a few guys step up especially after two huge losses.  DJ Byrd needs to have a big game defensively as well as Ryne Smith.  

    Lewis Jackson and Kelsey Barlow need to continue doing what they are doing, making good passes, and taking high percentage shots.

    E'Twaun Moore is going to go off in the tournament. He has had a few tough games this season and is heating up, look for Smooge to earn the respect he deserves in this season's tourney. 

    JaJuan Johnson will be very key in this game.  He is going to get doubled on the block and needs to be able to find the guys on the perimeter to get an open look.


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    This game could get ugly fast. 

    Purdue is by far the better team and outmatches the Peacocks at almost every position.  A lot of people will look at Purdue and say they don't play as a team, but obviously those people haven't seen Purdue play all season.

    Look for Purdue to win this one with a team effort, and for JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore to have a great game.