One Fan's Selection Sunday Revealing of NCAA Tournament

Victor JanickiContributor IIMarch 13, 2011

One Fan's Selection Sunday Revealing of NCAA Tournament

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    2010 NCAA Basketball Champion Duke
    2010 NCAA Basketball Champion DukeStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

    I'm just going to make an easy slide presentation with my brackets.  This mostly goes with top seeds as I didn't get into the whole science of bracketology.  This also comes with much deliberation and most guesses on teams I know very little to nothing about.  There are no predictions on winners.  I also have another article written where all the NCAA officials were selected.  After filling out brackets, I will assign all the officials accordingly and see how accurate I am with that as well.

First Four in Dayton, OH

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    Tom Izzo, Tournament ready coach
    Tom Izzo, Tournament ready coachAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    Playing the First Four in Dayton, OH

    In the East, the 16 seeds are Bucknell vs TXSA

    In the West, the 12 seeds are UTEP vs Michigan State

    In the West, the 11 seeds are Michigan vs Georgia

    In the Southwest, the 16 seeds are Arkansas-Little Rock vs Hampton

    I got the 11 and 12 seeds in the West from brackets already determined by ESPN or CBS.

EAST Played in Cleveland, Tucson, Tampa and Chicago

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    Jon Diebler, Ohio State
    Jon Diebler, Ohio StateAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    In the East:

    Cleveland, OH

    1 Ohio State vs. 16 play-in       8 West Virginia vs 9 Utah State

    Tucson, AZ

    5 Kansas State vs 12 Indiana State        4 Louisville vs 13 Tennessee

    Tampa, FL

    6 Xavier vs 11 Marquette          3 Wisconsin vs 14 Princeton

    Chicago, IL

    7 Florida State vs 10 Butler       2 Connecticut vs 15 North Carolina-Asheville

Southwest Played in Tulsa, Tampa, Tucson and Charlotte

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    Kansas Marcus Morris
    Kansas Marcus MorrisJamie Squire/Getty Images

    In the Southwest:

    Tulsa, OK

    1 Kansas vs 16 play-in       8 UCLA vs 9 Memphis

    Tampa, FL

    5 Arizona vs 12 Clemson     4 Cincinnati vs 13 Morehead State

    Tucson, AZ

    6 Kentucky vs 11 Penn State      3 BYU vs St. Peter's

    Charlotte, NC

    7 Vanderbilt vs 10 Colorado       2 Pittsburgh vs 15 Belmont

WEST Played in Charlotte, Denver and Washington, DC

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    Seth Curry of Duke
    Seth Curry of DukeStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

    In the West:

    Charlotte, NC

    1 Duke vs 16 Long Island     8 Old Dominion vs 9 UNLV

    Denver, CO

    5 St. John's vs 12 from First Four     4 Washington vs 13 Oakland

    7 Missouri vs 10 Villanova     2 San Diego State vs 15 Akron

    Washington, DC

    6 Georgetown vs 11 from First Four      3 North Carolina vs Boston University

Southwest Played in Cleveland, Washington, DC, Chicago and Tulsa

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    Ben Hansbrough
    Ben HansbroughMike Lawrie/Getty Images

    In the Southeast:

    Cleveland, OH

    1 Notre Dame vs 16 Northern Colorado     8 Texas A&M vs 9 Gonzaga

    Washington, DC

    5 Florida vs 12 Colorado State

    Chicago, IL

    6 Virginia Tech vs 11 George Mason    3 Syracuse vs 14 Wofford

    Tulsa, OK

    7 Temple vs 10 St. Mary's      2 Texas vs 15 Long Beach State

Let March Madness Begin

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    March Madness
    March MadnessKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Again, my brackets are far from perfect or even in conformity with Selection Committee rules.  It is just my bracket that I made up with some thought.  So it can be easily criticized.  A little help for my readers—I correctly predicted Duke winning the Championship last year.  While I am not making any predictions until I release my bracket, I will be curious to see how close I come to the actual bracket.