Baylor Basketball: Understanding the Perry Jones Drama

Kyle CrawfordContributor IIMarch 9, 2011

According to multiple sources, Perry Jones III has been suspended from the Baylor basketball team for the remainder of the season for accepting impermissible benefits.

Just when Baylor fans thought their season couldn't get any worse, it looks as if the basketball program could be in trouble.

However, there is still much to be learned about this situation. 


What We Know

  • Perry Jones III, from Duncanville High School, is suspended for tonight's Big XII tournament opener against Oklahoma.
  • It has come out that the suspension is due to pre-enrollment amateurism/preferential treatment. Jones' AAU coach gave three separate 15-day loans to Jones' mother.
  • Perry Jones had no knowledge of the loans his mother received. 
  • Baylor is appealing the NCAA's suspension which is set to be for the rest of the season.

What this means for Baylor is that if they can hold off Oklahoma this evening in their conference tournament opener, there is a chance Perry could be reinstated.

Baylor Athletic Director Ian McCaw has said that Baylor "is profoundly disappointed in the timing and determination of this matter" and that "this outcome appears to be inconsistent with other recent, widely-discussed NCAA decisions."

It seems as if McCaw could be right, with this coming in the same season as Cam Newton's dad allegedly shopping his son as a college football player. Newton supposedly had no idea his dad was asking money for his son's commitment, similar to this situation. 

The Figures have officialy come out and the three loans that Jones' mom received TOTALED under $1000, while Cam Newtons father was shopping him for around $180,000. Hopefully with the Bears appealing this situation, Perry Jones III will be reinstated to the basketball team, which would allow him to play in the NIT tournament assuming the Bears get an invite.

This is relatively good news for Baylor Basketball, as it appears that they did no wrong in the situation. 

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