Top Five Press Conference Stars

Alejandro MullerCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2008

Here they are, the top five sports celebrities who never disappoint when they step up to the mic. From coaches to athletes, these guys will always leave you wanting more of their angry tantrums or sarcastic humor. Enjoy.

5) Mike Ditka-  His temper is legendary, so much so that he has appeared in a Will Ferrell movie and has been idolized in one of the most famous Saturday Night Live skits of the past 20 years.  He is the leader of DAAAAA BEARS, and also one of the meanest people you will ever see behind a microphone.  Responses like, "what do you care? if you were 2-7 you'd be in a bad mood too" have immortalized Ditka to the point where he's become a pop culture icon 23 years after his super bowl title with the 85 Bears.

4) Boo Weekley-  Perhaps the most unknown character on this list, but also might be the most unique.  This southern hunting and fishing nut who just happens to play professional golf is the most honest sports figure ever to step up to a podium.  He doesn't watch TV, he's always clueless when asked any question about the game itself, and in his own words, he would rather "catch a ten pounder" than shoot a 63 in a major tournament.  Boo Weekley is the best example of the athlete who was never told he had become famous.  He's just a nice change of pace in a sports world that has become so serious in the last few decades.

3) Shaquille O'neal-  This guy is a legend.  Not only thanks to his four world championships or all his individual achievements, but also because he is perhaps the funniest basketball player to have ever had a microphone in his hands.  His mumbling, nicknames, dizzing of other players and even of the journalists who ask the questions have made the self-proclaimed "Big aristotle and Hobo master" a press conference master, even to the point where his interviews just become stand-up comedy shows.  His most famous quotes? "From this day on, I would like to be known as the big Aristotle", "We're not worried about the Sacramento Queens", "before we get started, I think you all should try one of these muffins", and "I'm like toilet paper, toothpaste, and other household amenities, I'm proven to be good".

2) Andy Roddick-  Some might disagree, but Roddick nails it every time he steps up to the podium, especially after a loss.  His quotes about Roger Federer are incredible and throughout the years he has shown some of the best sarcastic humor in all of sports.  For example, what player answers "not me" when asked who is going to win the French Open? That's just classic A-Rod.  To sum it all up, my favorite Roddick quote, this after losing in straight sets to Federer at the 2007 Australian open: "It was frustrating, it was miserable, it sucked, it was terrible... besides that it was fine".

1) Bobby knight-  From whips to predicting the future in a magic glass, Bobby Knight was every journalist's best dream and worst nightmare.  Everyone knew he was going to ridicule someone every time he answered a question, either with angry shouting or witty, sarcastic humor.  No one will ever forget his long explanation of why he loved the word F**k, or his demonstration of how a whip can be the best motivational tool. His antics were many times controversial, other times hilarious, and that is why he's on top, because America loves controversy, dark humor and angry rants.  Bobby Knight, during his entire career, was the best at all three.