Jimmer Fredette Leads BYU Over Air Force, Michelle Peralta Is Laughingstock

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Jimmer Fredette Leads BYU Over Air Force, Michelle Peralta Is Laughingstock
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Fans have been following and "idolizing" Fredette and BYU basketball for years

BYU defeated Air Force easily in a 90-52 victory last night. Jimmer Fredette led the way for the Cougars by splashing in 25 points despite a good defensive effort from the Falcons.

"Their game plan was to be very, very, very, very physical with me," Fredette said. "That's probably the most aggressive I've been played."

Jackson Emery had another big night for BYU with 17 points of his own. He hit five three-point shots. He seems to have snapped out of his recent shooting woes, and that bodes well for the Cougars as March rapidly approaches.

Brandon Davies had 13 and Stephen Rodgers had 11 off the bench.

For me, the game was pretty predictable. BYU won easily, Fredette got his points and BYU showed that it was a far better team than when it beat Air Force by 10 earlier in the season. In the end, nothing really interesting to write about.

I couldn't help but wonder, however, how Michelle Peralta is feeling.

Michelle Peralta is currently a student at BYU who is choosing not to participate in the Jimmerpalooza festivities that are taking place. She feels that "idolizing Jimmer Fredette is idol worship."

See the link in order to read the full letter that Peralta sent to the BYU student newspaper, The Daily Universe.

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Peralta also posted this letter on her Facebook page so that everyone could see it. Shortly after this letter hit the Internet waves, Peralta was bombarded by Fredette fans. People were offended and shocked that a student would have the audacity to issue a letter like this.

A self-righteous student at BYU? That shouldn't be that surprising.

It was just a few years ago that students protested booing at sporting events saying "God doesn't want us to boo." As a long-time BYU follower, I've learned that nowhere near the entire student body sees things the way Peralta does, and I don't mean to offend anyone.

Posts appeared on Peralta's Facebook page supporting Fredette and the fan's antics, and a few of the most notable were:

"Have you been baptized by Jimmersion yet?"

"For God so loved the world; he gave us Jimmer."

"Come unto Jimmer for he will bring you joy and happiness."

While comparing Jimmer Fredette to God is a stretch, it's not out of the realm of normality to support an athlete like BYU fans have been supporting Fredette.

ESPN has recently released a series of commercials with the catch phrase, "It's not crazy, it's sports."

Well Michelle Peralta, it's not sinning, it's sports.

Kids everywhere grow up following athletes. Oftentimes it's a jersey from a favorite player that inspire kids to follow their dreams and become athletes. Kobe Bryant jerseys can be found on toddlers; that isn't idolizing Bryant, that's simply being a fan.

So while watching Air Force get Jimmer'd, I couldn't help but wonder how Peralta feels every time Jimmer Fredette goes off for another big game.

Do you think Peralta's reaction was uncalled for? Leave a comment and let me know!

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