Phil Martelli's Transfer Mill Continues at Saint Joseph's (PA): Justin Crosgile

TJ CorbsCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2011

The transfers continue at Saint Joseph's (PA).
The transfers continue at Saint Joseph's (PA).

Reports from CSN Sportsnight and a Saint Joseph's (PA) basketball fan site indicate that former star recruit, Justin Crosgile, is taking a leave of absence from the men's basketball team and is a potential transfer.

Other reports from similar sources state that Crosgile is just the first in what could be a mass exodus at Saint Joseph's (PA) this summer. 

After what has been a miserable year at Saint Joseph's (PA), sources from a fan internet site have indicated that as many as four additional players may transfer this offseason.  They include Daryus Quarles, Patrick Swilling Jr., Carl Jones and Carl Baptiste.  The source is reportedly a student living on the same floor as Daryus Quarles.

Saint Joseph's (PA) has had a double digit number of transfers since 2005.  A shocking number for any school, and a huge indication of the problems in Phil Martelli's program. 

Here is a quick list of all the transfers that Saint Joseph's (PA) has had in the past few years:

  1. Abdoulai Jalloh
  2. Jordan Fowler
  3. Alvin Mofunanya
  4. Jawan Carter
  5. Rockwell Moody
  6. DJ Rivera
  7. Chris Prescott
  8. Temi Adebayo
  9. Bryant Irwin
  10. AJ Rogers
  11. Dominic Rutledge
  12. Justin Crosgile (?)

I highly doubt that this revolving door program is one of the keys to building a successful college basketball program.

These transfers do not usually come as a surprise.  Current students who know the players learn of the player's unhappiness with Martelli and Saint Joseph's (PA), word gets out.  Some fans deny the possibility of the report's truth, but the player usually ends up transferring.  Saint Joseph's (PA) fans have been down this road many, many times.

As reported by Bleacher Report, Martelli began this season on the hot seat.

Also reported by Bleacher Report, things have gone from bad to worse this season for Martelli.  Many are calling for Martelli's head.

With frustration setting in, Martelli has gone to blasting, criticizing and even threatening with "vengeance" the loyal fans who have supported Saint Joseph's (PA) basketball this season.

Saint Joseph's (PA) playing legend and accomplished NBA coach, Jim O'Brien, has recently been fired by the Indiana Pacers and may be just what Saint Joseph's (PA) needs to revive a program that has sunk to extreme lows.

Martelli likes to chalk up reports of players being unhappy and criticisms about his program to "anonymous" internet trolls.  However, the sources have continued to be correct time after time.

No one should doubt the loyalty and passion for Saint Joseph's (PA) basketball that members of the Hawk Hoop Club posses.  There is a comprehensive registration process requiring approval from a committee of Hawk enthusiasts before one is permitted to even post on their message boards.  Further, this is one of the heaviest censored fan websites in the Northeast Corridor, very few negative or unsubstantiated posts are allowed to remain for more than a few minutes.

These are not anonymous posters who are tired of Martelli's antics, lack of acceptance of responsibility and poor coaching.  This is the backbone of Saint Joseph's (PA) basketball that Martelli is alienating.

Many of these posters are willing to provide personal information to gain credibility.  Many are willing to provide their sources.  For example, a poster cited his source for the information as a student who lives on the same floor as Daryus Quarles. 

Sorry Phil, but where there is smoke there is often fire when it comes to transfer rumors at Saint Joseph's (PA).

As one of your team's most loyal fans, who also happens to be one of these internet posters that you hate so much, said recently:  "I wish Phil would walk away and go into television..." - Hawkdog14

I can assure you hawkdog14, you are not alone.

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