John Calipari vs. Terrence Jones and College Hoops' Craziest Coach-Player Spats

James EvensCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2011

John Calipari vs. Terrence Jones and College Hoops' Craziest Coach-Player Spats

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    As you have heard by now, John Calipari had a minor teaching moment with Terrence Jones last week. Well, we all know that sometimes coaches go a bit overboard, and that got me thinking:

    Who are the 10 most fiery coaches in college basketball who have been involved in the worst coach-player spats in college hoops history?

    There have been numerous examples, and after countless hours of research, I have compiled the list as follows.

Mike Krzyzewski

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    Coach K is known for being one fiery human being. He will go off on players like no other, and if you mess up under his watch, you are going to hear about it.

    Coach K has had numerous instances of yelling at players, but that is expected of him and his team. The Bob Knight disciple learned from the best.

Steve Alford

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    I mean, who hasn't heard about this one by now? Steve Alford got a little bit heated with an opposing player in a tough loss against BYU.

    Alford swore at Jonathan Tavernari in what was a heated exchange. That is what landed yet another Bob Knight player on this list.

Bob Huggins

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    Bob Huggins is one of the most fiery coaches in college basketball. He loves to get on players and is known for his fiery exchanges, especially in practices.

    Although Huggins is a great guy, he has a big-time temper and sometimes lets that slip out onto the court.

    Not only are players and referees affected by his temper, but occasionally the fans are as well!

Tom Izzo

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    Izzo gets pretty fired up on the sidelines. He is constantly in the face of his players and he is usually in the face of the guys in black and white.

    Izzo definitely suffers from the little man complex and thinks he's tough as nails. Well, at least it's working—he's a great coach.

    Ask Korie Lucious if you think I'm wrong on this one.

Thad Matta

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    Matta, the coach of Ohio State, had a not so great moment after his team's last-second victory against Michigan at the Big Ten Tournament.

    Now you can try to read his lips and make your own conclusions, but I'm guessing he didn't say your mom loves firetrucks. Watch the video; if I was Thad, I would be embarrassed.

Bruce Pearl

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    Pearl is yet another coach that gets pretty upset when things do not go his way. Pearl is one of the most animated coaches in college basketball, and it's fun to watch him get all worked up.

    Bruce will throw his jacket, yell and scream and even suspend players.

Bo Ryan

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    I mean, who doesn't like to see Bo Ryan red in the face, yelling at one of his players, assistant coaches or at the officials?

    Ryan likes to get what he wants and the crowd is behind him. That is part of the reason why the Kohl Center is such a tough place to play.

John Calipari

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    OK, so Coach Cal has a shady past, to say the least, but he is definitely a good basketball coach. Although he may have gone a little overboard with the F-bomb, it was OK—just a teaching moment.

    Calipari gets worked up all the time and will continue if he doesn't start getting some players to stay for four years so he doesn't have to deal with freshmen all the time.

Frank Martin

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    Frank Martin is fiery, to say the least. The man goes off every single moment and isn't happy even if his team is up by 20 points.

    Martin shows his emotion and is not scared to let his players know that he is mad. Martin is a crazed individual and is definitely fun to watch on the sidelines.

Bobby Knight

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    Although this has been a list of current coaches, one cannot leave out the General. Bobby Knight was one of the craziest coaches in the history of college basketball.

    He was fired from Indiana University after violating the probation given to him by the school for conduct.

    Knight was known for many famous incidents, but this one is by far his most famous.