UNC Basketball: Are Tar Heels Wimpy or Is Roy Williams' Coaching Pathetic?

Cliff PotterCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2011

Something seems wrong with UNC Head Coach Roy Williams.
Something seems wrong with UNC Head Coach Roy Williams.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It is time to say it. Roy Williams continues to blame his UNC Tar Heel basketball team, calling them wimps. But in reality, it looks more and more like Williams has no idea what he is doing or why.

Williams mixes up lineups as if it makes a difference, removes players without the ability to get any tempo going and makes the Tar Heels look like they know nothing about anything. At some point, we have to say that there is nothing here but bad coaching.

Williams started up just where he left off last season: blaming the team. His latest contention mirrors that of other coaches. He and other coaches now say that his team is wimpy. 

But at every opportunity Williams has had to show he can coach, he fails to do so.

He seems senselessly to substitute players, as if this is some panacea for good coaching. A great view of this lack of coaching ability came during the Tar Heels' shellacking against Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets on Sunday night.

Ultimately losing by nearly 20 points, the Tar Heels appeared so out of it at times that this alone could be what I am talking about. However, two plays in a row, and several over the course of the game demonstrate the problems more clearly.

More than one player got stuck close to the basket at the left foul lane line. They were almost immediately surrounded by Tech players. The players then sought to get the ball out to the UNC player at the foul line, turning over the ball each time. Incredibly, it did not appear that Williams tried to make this a coaching moment even though he removed the players soon after their mistakes.

In fact, Williams seems never to take any game time to make any adjustments in play by his players. He rarely talks with players he takes off the court, looking away as if this gets him somewhere with the player.

There are other signs that this Roy Williams, who appeared first last year, is nothing like what his reputation suggests or says. Williams' on-court attitude is the same as his press clippings make him. Insulting to his players, and poor-mouthing in words and actions toward his team.

Sure, there are other things we can point to about this year that make us wonder if the players are not the problem. But Williams seems incapable of adjusting his coaching and playing style to his team. His approach is "Do it my way or get out of my way!"

After two years of whining about his team, you have to begin to wonder why Williams never assumes any responsibility for his teams' play. Why it is always the players' fault. Why he is never the bigger person. And seems more intemperate than ever.

So it is time to begin to question Williams and his motivation in always blaming his players. Is it the players? Or is Williams to blame?   

Postscript: I understand that Williams admitted that he stunk up the place as a coach last night. I wrote this article during the game, and posted it before the comments occurred. It was late for me, and as far as I was concerned based on the article I wrote this summer, Williams had blamed his players far too much.

Some Williams supporters used the press conference as proof that I did not research the subject matter. Frankly, after forty-five years of following, going to Carolina games, and tracking our coaches (not many at that), I felt strongly that Williams' failure to coach at game after game, and his following the same game plan over and over, were horrible weaknesses, and not his only ones. His failure to coach during games is a constant, every-game event.

So as far as I am concerned, so what if a few disagree because they seek to use my failure to watch Williams' press conference last night, who apparently finally admitted he was a bad coach in one of many games, and the one sentence that this covers in the article, as evidence that I know nothing about Williams, his coaching or anything for that matter. For me, his admission came far too late and is far too limited.

He needs CHANGE in a big way. Perhaps another venue. Only time will tell.