10 Most Ridiculous Stories Of The 2010-11 NCAA Basketball Season

Jim FolsomContributorJanuary 9, 2011

10 Most Ridiculous Stories Of The 2010-11 NCAA Basketball Season

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    After a football season of craziness featuring Cam Newton, AJ Green, Terrelle Pryor, Chris Rainey and Mike Heywood, basketball season has been no less insane.

    We've had suspensions, violations, appeals, fistfights, and more. Here's just some of the craziness so far. I am quite certain there will be more to follow. So stay tuned.

Dee Bost

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    Dee Bost entered his name in the NBA draft after last season but did not hire an agent.

    No big deal. Lot's of players do this so they can work out for NBA teams and get some pointers on where they stand and what they need to do in the next season to improve their games.

    But the thing is, if you want to go back to school, there is a deadline for pulling out of the draft. Bost apparently forgot what day that was.

    He was a day late and it cost him 14 games this season. Dee. Did you think to maybe write that down somewhere?

Enes Kanter

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    Is he going to play? Is he not going to play? When will he play?

    Those have been the questions UK fans have been asking about Turkish sensation Enes Kanter.

    Seems Enes' family was paid a little too much money a few years ago in Turkey for Enes' basketball playing talents. The NCAA ruled him ineligible.

    The Kanters and Kats appealed. The NCAA said he could practice while they waited for the appeal.

    The appeal was denied. Now he can't even practice.

    He is permanently ineligible. Now there is talk the Kanters could sue the NCAA.

    Meanwhile the Kats' season is winding further towards the end. Enes is a projected lottery pick in next year's draft.

    But the NBA may lock the players out and therefore not have a draft. I'm not making this up.

Renardo Sidney

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    This guy is a real piece of work. He missed all of last year and the first 10 games this year because he was getting extra benefits while playing in high school.

    He finally gets the OK to play and plays one game. Then he gets sat down for a game because he gets into an altercation in practice.

    Mississippi State loses that game in Hawaii but Sidney comes back the next day and helps the Dogs win. Then while sitting in the stands to watch the next day's opponent, he and a teammate get into a fistfight which is on ESPN, no less.

    For this, he gets sat down again. For one game. ONE GAME?? Really? What does he have to do to get thrown off the team?

Josh Selby

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    Another case of a kid who took money from an agent while in school. But his mom says he was a family friend. So that makes it all right, I guess?

    Selby missed the first 10 games or so, but he is now back leading Kansas to a top seed. Basketball's Cam Newton?

Jacob Pullen

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    He was supposed to lead K-State to the promised land this year, but so far Pullen's senior season has not been what he hoped for.

    He started the season in Coach Martin's dog house. Then a spanking at the hands of Duke and another to Florida, followed by a three-game suspension for receiving extra benefits have made Pullen's season one to forget so far.

    Plus he is shooting only 37 percent from the floor.

Bruce Pearl

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    Sweaty Bruce has been in the news all season for hosting a barbecue. It was an NCAA no-no to have these guests at his house. They were recruits. Not to worry. Bruce told them not to tell anyone. 

    Well, somebody took pictures. And that darn Internet thing happened and well...Brucie is in hot water.

    He must sit out the first eight games of Tennessee's SEC season. His team has been very up and down with him on the bench.

    They beat teams like Pitt and 'Nova and then lose to College of Charleston and Charlotte. They run Memphis out of the gym but they beat Belmont by one point and UT-Martin by four.

    What will they do with the coach not there to watch them?

Lacedarius Dunn

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    Dunn punched his girlfriend in the face. He broke her jaw.

    His punishment? Three games. Yeah, that's it. Three games.

    Chris Rainey got more than that for a threatening text message, yet the media made Urban Meyer out to be a woman-hating ogre.

    And there are three times more games to a basketball season than football, so that's like a one-game suspension for breaking her jaw? Where's the outrage for Baylor head coach Scott Drew?

Duke Blue Devils

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    These guys are just ridiculously good. They lose a sure one and done lottery pick for the year in Kyrie Irving. And they haven't missed a beat.

    There's a good chance Duke could be undefeated going into the ACC Tournament. Maybe coming out of it too.

Georgia Bulldogs

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    Quick. Name the team in the SEC with the longest win streak. It's not Kentucky. Not Tennessee, either. Not Florida. Not Vanderbilt. No, it's Georgia. That's right; I said Georgia.

    Better not laugh. These guys are good. Trey Thompkins is a beast in the paint. Travis Leslie is a scoring machine and Gerald Robinson is as good a point guard as you will find in the SEC.

    You better get them at home because when you go into their place, expect to walk out with a loss. Ask Kentucky.

Oklahoma Sooners

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    Was it really only two years ago you were in the Final Four? What happened?

    Oklahoma went to the Maui Classic and lost to Chaminade. And nobody noticed.

    The Big 12 schedule started today. Things are about to get really ugly in Norman.