My West Virginia Mountaineers' Christmas Wish List

RG YohoCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2007

Mark S. Hawkins/Icon SMII wish Mountaineer Athletic Director Eddie Pastilong nothing but peace and boredom in his job responsibilities, with no further coaching vacancies.

I wish Coach Nikki Izzo-Brown a nice pay increase and further success in women's soccer. Anybody who tells Michigan to take a hike when they came to her with a job offer deserves to be named Mountaineer Coach of the Year! Mountaineers everywhere love you, Nikki!

I wish men's basketball coach Bob Huggins a great recruiting class and a Final Four appearance in 2008. We're glad to have you, Coach!

We wish Joe Alexander, Alex Ruoff, and Darris Nichols a wide net and a clear lane.

I wish Mountaineer fans—the greatest and most loyal fans in America—a football National Championship in 2008 and dozens of doomed couches!

I wish Mountaineer football fans a great coach, a proven winner, and a man worthy of their loyalty.

I wish the Mountaineer football players a coach who will keep his promises, and show his squad the same kind of dedication to the team he demands of them.

I wish the new Mountaineer football coach something big in his stocking this Christmas—like recruits Terrell Pryor and Josh Jenkins.

I wish the new Mountaineer football coach an unstoppable offense, an impenetrable defense, and an undefeated season in 2008.

I wish West Virginia announcer Tony Caridi gets one more time to say the words, "It's a great night to be a Mountaineer, wherever you may be," following the Fiesta Bowl.

I wish loyal interim Mountaineer Coach Bill Stewart a chance to make us all forget that "other guy."

I wish Owen Schmitt a high draft choice, a team worthy of his passion and desire, and a huge NFL contract. I also wish him to know how much every Mountaineer fan loves and respects the contributions he made to our program. We wish you nothing but prosperity, happiness, and success, Owen!

I wish Steve Slaton, the greatest running back in Mountaineer history, one more glorious year in the Old Gold and Blue. I also wish him great blocking on the offensive line, 2,000 yards rushing, and a standout senior season that will silence all of his critics.

I wish Noel Devine, Slaton's heir apparent, 1,500 yards rushing, and 20 touchdowns in his sophomore season. We are all happy you chose us, Noel!

I wish Mountaineer quarterback Pat White the 2008 Heisman Trophy and a chance to finally play the big game. There are not words enough to express the appreciation fans have for what White has done for Mountaineer football. When we think about the Mountaineer greats, Pat's name will always be right among the top!

I wish Darius Reynaud one more year in Morgantown—and the recognition he so clearly deserves.

I wish Pat McAfee a strong leg, good snaps, flawless holds, the wind at his back, and an entire season without a missed kick opportunity.

I wish every senior on the Mountaineer football team one more victory and a chance to go out as the winners they have truly been. Thanks for the memories, guys!

I wish every Mountaineer fan a Merry Christmas, and may the peace and joy of this season fill each of your lives! And may God bless us, every one!