The Greatest Show on Court: Georgia's Travis Leslie

Mike Foster@michaelsfosterCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2010

The Greatest Show on Court: Georgia's Travis Leslie

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    The culture in Georgia basketball has taken a swing for the better in the past year. It's early in the Mark Fox era, but ever since the blue collar coach came over from Neveda, the Bulldogs basketball team has found its stride.

    Even with a 14-17 record last season, Georgia is projected as a top 30 team for 2010 by most preseason publications. 

    All-SEC forward Trey Thompkins has grabbed most of the attention. He's the guy coaches adore. However, third year guard Travis Leslie is Robin as Trey Thompkins is to Batman.

    He's the flasher. The highflyer. He's the one that takes up the TV time while Thompkins does the dirty work.

    And, Travis Leslie is single handily a reason to watch UGA basketball every time it comes on TV in 2010. 

    Don't believe me? Haven't seen Georgia hoops in a while?

    Just simply take a look at this video slide show.

    When you're done watching, you won't be able to wait for Georgia to tip off the new year.

Travis Leslie Makes a Splash in the Garden

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    Here is a simple starter dunk. Leslie shows off just how high he can jump.

Squashing the Jackets

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    It's always good to catch an alley oop in front of a home crowd. It's even better when it's in a gold-and-blue clad man's face.

Flying Like an Eagle

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    Who says only dunks can be acrobatic?

    This layup, according to the video poster, features shades of Michael Jordan.

    I'm not sure many people come close to the great M.J., but to say Leslie is more athletic than Dom Wilkins may not be a stretch.

Just Like 'Nique

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    Sounds like Bob Rathbun agrees with me on my sentiments about 'Nique.

There Is More Where That Came from

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    As a matter of fact, why don't we just show you all five...

    ...that occurred in the same game.

Home Cookin'

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    This might be my favorite Travis Leslie dunk. The crowd for this game was the biggest Stegeman had seen in years, and Leslie took no longer than a few minutes to give the crowd a show.

The Dunk

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    Not much really needs to be said about this one.

    Considering it was Kentucky, and the hated Demarcus Cousins, Georgia fans likely will not forget this dunk.

    Kentucky fans might not either.

    We know Demarcus won't.