Point Guard Devon Moore Returns to James Madison Dukes

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Point Guard Devon Moore Returns to James Madison Dukes

Devon Moore has been a winner on all levels of basketball, and that will only continue for the rest of his years at JMU.

Coach Matt Brady struck gold when he recruited Moore out of Northland High School. Moore had other offers on the table, but he stuck with the team that showed the most interest.

Moore selected his high school in a similar way as he did when it came to selecting colleges.

In Columbus, Ohio, schools such as Brookhaven, Beechcroft, Africentric, and Eastmoor are often on the list of top schools to attend coming out of middle school. With Moore's family having a strong foundation at Beechcroft High School, he went against the grain and went to Northland High School.

During his first year they went through growing pains, but for the rest of his high school career they were one of the best teams in the state of Ohio. While at Northland Moore was coached by Satch Sullinger, who helped prepare him for the college basketball level.

Last season Devon Moore suffered a knee injury that ended his season before it even started. Moore was expected to make his homecoming appearance against the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus, Ohio, which is his hometown.

Without Moore the Dukes had a mediocre season, finishing 13-20. With Moore coming back from injury, look for the team to vastly improve. The Dukes had spotty point guard play without Moore, but with Moore and Humpty Hitchens in the fold, JMU will be dangerous this upcoming season.

During Moore's freshman season he was selected to the All-CAA Rookie Team. With averages of 10.4 points a game and around four assists, Moore proved that he belonged in the Colonial. Moore even held his own against Eric Maynor, who is now the backup point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Moore is a very efficient player who shoots at a good percentage from the field and at the foul line. His numbers will never blow you away, but his impact and the way he runs a team are irreplaceable.

People can talk about how high someone jumps or how well he shoots, but if they lack basketball IQ they are irrelevant on the hardwood. Devon's basketball IQ is off the charts. Moore is a smooth point guard who is even keeled at all times. His calmness and quiet confidence rub off on his teammates.

Many experts are picking the Dukes to win the CAA conference. Core players such as Moore, Julius Wells, Denzel Bowles, and Trevon Flores will provide experience along with newcomers Humpty Hitchens, Rayshawn Goins, and James Millen. Barring any injury the Dukes should contend for the CAA title.

The Dukes are the new VCU. VCU dominated with Larry Sanders and Eric Maynor and even upset Duke in the NCAA Tournament. With Moore back at the point, great things can happen. Moore is used to playing with talented rosters, so it will be his job to get everyone the ball and pick and choose his spots to score the ball.

Last year was a down season for JMU, but I wouldn't expect that for a long time. Good luck to the Dukes this season, and continue to fly under the radar.

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