Miles Plumlee and the 10 Greatest Dunks in Basketball

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistAugust 18, 2010

Miles Plumlee and the 10 Greatest Dunks in Basketball

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    After video surfaced of Miles Plumlee leaping over younger brother and Duke teammate Mason, college basketball fans are certainly looking forward to plenty of encore performances this season.

    Miles, the more athletic of the two by a wide margin, promises to author plenty of highlight-reel slams in his junior season for the Blue Devils.

    Inspired by Plumlee's feat, here's a look at the top 10 dunks in college basketball history.

Honorable Mention: Deron Washington, Virginia Tech

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    Washington was another great athlete who couldn't shoot, but he provided numerous highlights in college.  Whether it was jumping over poor Greg Paulus twice in the same game against Duke or taking flight against Boston College, there was no debating Washington's hops.

No. 10: J.R. Rider, UNLV

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    Remember J.R. Rider?  How can you forget.  His talent was easy to see, as were the personality traits that limited from becoming an All-Star caliber shooting guard in the NBA.  He was a spectacular athlete, as he showed with this "double facial" during his college days at UNLV.

No. 9: Scenario Hillman, Alabama

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    Scenario Hillman was one of the best dunkers that nobody ever seemed to know about.  He threw down a number of impressive dunks during the 2007-08 season, including this one against Auburn.

No. 8: Darvin Ham, Texas Tech

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    Ham was a scrappy player who found a way into the NBA.  His jump shot would often shatter backboards, which prevented him from making a big impact.  There's no denying his abilities as a dunker.

No. 7: Dirk Minniefield, Kentucky

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    The 6'3" Minnifield stole the ball and soared over a defender to provide Kentucky fans with a thrilling highlight.  I'm not sure about the comparison to Secretariat; made by a voice which sounds suspiciously like that of Dick Vitale.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 6: Dahntay Jones, Duke

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    Jones was a dynamic college player and could have been a very good NBA player if he had a few more inches and a better jump shot.  He followed up his signature slam with some push-ups for good measure.

No. 5: Jarvis Basnight, UNLV

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    The video quality certainly could be better, but Basnight's dunk certainly has to be included in the top 10.  He took off from just inside the elbow and threw down with elegance and grace.

No. 4: Michael Jordan, North Carolina

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    Not everyone knew that Michael Jordan would someday be widely regarded as the greatest basketball player to ever live, but he provided foreshadowing of what was to come during his outstanding career at North Carolina.  After Sam Perkins blocked Maryland star Len Bias' shot in the closing seconds, Jordan raced down the floor for what became his signature dunk as a college player.

No. 3: Russell Westbrook, UCLA

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    Jamal Boykin was widely regarded as one of the best defenders in the Pac-10, but it wasn't because of this play.  Russell Westbrook unleashed this wicked dunk over Boykin and quickly became a household name.

    This is perfect illustration of why there needs to be a restricted area in college basketball. 

No. 2: Clyde Drexler, Houston

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    Drexler and his Phi Slamma Jamma were a dominant force in college hoops in the early 1980s.  This particular dunk stands above all the rest.

No. 1: Jerome Lane, Pittsburgh

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    Arguably the most famous call in college basketball history, and one of the best dunks ever.  Love him or hate him, but you must admit Bill Raftery certainly has a flair for the dramatic soundbite.  After Jerome Lane shattered the backboard, he was awestruck for a few moments before blurting out "Send it in, Jerome!"

    Current Arizona coach and then Pitt point guard Sean Miller talks about the play, which ensured that both Lane and Raftery will long be remembered.