Dangerous Dawgs: Why Georgia Could Prove Lethal in the SEC

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJune 30, 2010

When the question of who will win the SEC in basketball comes up, one immediately thinks of Kentucky and Tennessee. Now if I were to ask you who will be a deadly underrated team in the SEC, you would say Florida or Vanderbilt.

What if I was to tell you that Georgia is the most lethal team in the SEC?

You would laugh and say, "Stop writing articles right now."

Well that is what I'm about to say.

Georgia is the most lethal team in the SEC.


Because Georgia is not being looked at much. And most people say they will be lucky to get to .500 this year.

But, to all the doubters, here is the skinny.

Last year Georgia did some amazing stuff, starting with a win over a 19-14 Illinois team. They would prove the experts wrong again with a 73-66 win over rival Georgia Tech.

The magic kept coming with a near knock-off of Kentucky in Lexington.

But, little did people know, that was only the tip of their magic.

The Dawgs would host the Volunteers of Tennessee two weeks later and hammer the highly touted Volunteers 78-63. Vanderbilt was the next victim of a surging Georgia team. The Dawgs would later take Vanderbilt to the woodshed, blasting them 72-58.

Georgia would have more impressive wins with a 77-76 win over Florida and 77-64 win over Arkansas in the SEC tournament.

What makes this team so different is that even though they finished with a 14-17 record, they seemed to be at times better than some tournament teams. Impressive considering that one, this was Coach Mark Fox's first year at Georgia, and two, that their two best players, Trey Tompkins and Thomas Leslie, are only juniors who are already phenomenal. 

Georgia's schedule has yet to be released, but as usual, it should be much harder than the year's last. With the secret success from last year, the growth of a young team, and a young coach, this year could prove to be very surprising for the SEC.