2010 NBA Draft: With the 27th Pick, the New Jersey Nets Select...

Kevin BergerCorrespondent IJune 16, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 10:  Dominique Jones #20 of the USF Bulls loses control of the ball against Jason Clark #21 and Greg Monroe #10 of the Georgetown Hoyas during the second round of 2010 NCAA Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 10, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Dominique Jones a 6′4″ 220 pound guard out of Leningrad.

If you were a boisterous Russian business man who fell into some oil money, you’re intoxicated by MTV, fast-food, and Levi’s jeans, and you happened to tempt ping pong ball fate and blurt out that you’re going to win a title in two years–Glasnost be damned–then for the New Jersey Nets winning now it is.

Welcome to America.

Or you’ll be called out for being a piker.

This is America, not a salt mine in Siberia. People take that shit seriously, bro. And by people, I mean people like The Situation who will call you Marxist on your “Questions for the Owner” pregame show.

So with John Wall and Evan Turner, the only two sure things in this draft, out the window because of the owner’s verbal Bolshevik revolution, it’s time we turn our newly found capitalist eyes on the prize.

An NBA ready guard that can win you games or get it to other players that win games. Some call that socialism, I call it dropping dimes.

That guy, is Dominique Jones.

He’s a 6′4″ inch combo guard with the body of pre-drug test East German “female” swimmer. In other words, he’s built like the Berlin Wall only he dribbles with the ball on a string, can make defenders dance like Baryshnikov, and then gets to the rack where he finishes like he’s been waiting in the bread line all day.

Think Tim Hardaway in six-inch heels.

Speaking of Hardaway, the comparison reaches even further than that of skillset and body type. Hardaway came from lowly Texas-El Paso where he was asked to be a scorer and part time facilitator due to a dearth of supporting talent. In college, ditto that anti-socialist sentiment for Jones.

He didn’t dime it for South Florida because the USF Bulls had all the supporting talent of a propped up Banana Republic.

Surround Jones with an NBA supporting cast that can finish, playing on an NBA floor, with NBA no hand-checking rules, and you have the makings of a player that can get to the rack with ease and authority and distribute the rock at a level that is NBA-ready.

Do the Nets wear red? Will they at some point?

But some mocks drafts have Jones falling as far as 30, or even in the second round. So the question is, what has the Politburo clamoring for a guard like Vasquez, Warren, or even Bledsoe over the talented combo guard from South Florida?

Shooting the rock.

Jones doesn’t possess the pure stroke that extends defenses the way Vasquez, Warren, and perhaps Bledsoe can. But this is pure propaganda perpetuated by Pravda.

Jones is a better shooter than Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, and John Wall, and DJ has shown the ability to put the ball on the deck and finish at the rim at a level on par with the draft-eligible players I’ve listed.

He’s certainly better at getting to the cup than fellow Spetsnaz draftees Vasquez, Bledsoe, and Warren.

As for the mental side of things, Jones is a ferocious competitor and a willing defender of Mother New Jersey. He’s not full-blown KGB as far as being psychologically tough, but he’s probably the most psychologically ready guard outside of Evan Turner and Grievas Vasquez in this draft.

Point blank, he’ll come right in and help by flanking Devin Harris in the backcourt, or out and out taking Harris’ job at some point in the season. Jones is that capable.

If comrade Prokhorov really wants to tear down this wall to the playoffs, he’ll select Dominque Jones with his second pick in the first round.

If Jones fails to live up to expectations, however, this article will be as noticeable as Gorbachev’s birthmark.

I’ll take my chances like the capitalist pig that I am.


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