Bleacher Report Exclusive with Class of 2011 Standout Tyler Harris

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIJune 15, 2010

Tyler Harris is a New York high school basketball star. He is the brother of Tennessee recruit and McDonald's All-American Tobias Harris. Tyler Harris is just as dynamic and talented of a player. He has earned several accolades early in his basketball career. The future is looking very bright for the Class of 2011 standout. Bleacher Report College Basketball Recruiting Featured Columnist Christopher Chavez had an opportunity to interview one of the nation's next big stars. 


Chavez : Tyler, could you please tell Bleacher Report readers a bit about where you come from and what called you to play basketball?


Harris : I am Tyler Harris. I am from Dix Hills, NY and I go to Half Hollow Hills West. I live in a family when everybody plays basketball.


Chavez : Your brother has played basketball with you for a long time and your father has been recognized as one of your biggest supporters. How have these two men helped you improve as a player and as a person over the years?


Harris : My father comes to all my games and after every game he tells me things that I need to do better on, even if I play the best game in my life or the worst. He is always on my case 24/7. I learned a lot from my brother by going with him to his visits and seeing him play. It was a good learning experience.


Chavez : What is the best thing about being able to play on Half Hollow Hills West’s basketball team?


Harris : The best thing about playing at Half Hollow Hills West is playing with my brother for one last year.


Chavez : You went from Long Island Lutheran to Half Hollow Hills West. What was the adjustment like to go from one school to another?


Harris : It wasn't such of a big adjustment because I was at West before I was at Lutheran so I got to be with my friends again.


Chavez : Your brother Tobias is headed to Tennessee to play basketball for Bruce Pearl next season. You have seen him choose his college and go through the process of choosing the right school. How difficult do you think choosing the right school will be for you?


Harris : It is going to be very difficult. There's a lot to look for in a school and I have to make sure I take my time and think carefully.


Chavez : I believe in the past, you have said that you were thinking about prep school before moving on to play college basketball. Have your thoughts on going to prep school changed or decreased seeing someone like Kadeem Jack choose that road?


Harris : Yes I was considering on reclassifying because of my strength and so that I can grow into my body more since I'm growing so fast. I am still thinking of reclassifying but right now I will not because I have gotten much stronger and have been improving my game. So I will stay 2011 as of now.


Chavez : What is your favorite high school basketball memory so far?


Harris : At the Big Apple Classic at Baruch College when I was a sophomore, against Thomas Jefferson I played one of my best games, was leading scorer of the game, and got co-MVP honors, but we still lost. Also my junior year the past season vs. Bishop Loughlin it was my best game of the season and I also was the second-leading scorer of the game and we won the game in OT. These two were my best games of my high school career.


Chavez : What was the most painful loss that you have ever suffered in your basketball career?


Harris : My most painful loss was losing my best friend Morgan Childs. He died by becoming very sick. I played basketball with him ever since we were little kids.


Chavez : Who is your favorite professional NBA basketball player?


Harris : LeBron James.


Chavez : What words best describe you?


Harris : Not basketball related: I am a kid who just likes to have a lot of fun.


Chavez : Where do you see yourself in five to ten years? What goals do you have for yourself?


Harris : NBA. If not that then a businessman.


Chave z : What do you need to improve on to reach those goals?


Harris : Get stronger and to just keep working hard.


Chavez : Final Question. What advice do you have for kids and teens looking to pursue a successful high school basketball career like yours?


Harris : What ever you be, be the best at it even if you don't want to play basketball. Do whatever it takes to become the best.


It was a pleasure to have you as a guest for Bleacher Report. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors. It was an honor to get to know you.