2009-10 SEC Basketball Review: A Teaser

Kurt WirthCorrespondent IMay 29, 2010

The bleachers are empty. Seasonal fans have switched their interests to baseball and the college football off-season. Arenas across the nation are clean and going unused.

It's that sometimes dreaded, sometimes exciting time called the offseason for college basketball. With that comes a now-infamous sampling of SEC Basketball stat-crunching from yours truly.

These efficiency numbers are highly accurate and have proven to be such. They are the main drive behind my understanding of the game and the conference, and have led to some highly accurate preseason predictions. I'm about to show you the very heart of basketball.

It consists of taking every player in the league and inputting his season stat line. I then cut those who played so little as to be able to skew the rankings (yes, this could be called bias, but I made this cut as objectively as possible). Next, I divide each category for every player by the minutes that player logged. This comes up with his efficiency rating in this category, a number which proves to be far more telling and objective than raw data such as points scored. Doing this, I've come up with a top ten and bottom ten list in each category.

In the next few weeks, I'll be dropping articles featuring each statistical category, explaining in depth what they mean and their impact on your future knowledge of the conference as a whole. Be excited (that is, if you're even one percent as geeky as I am).

With that said, here is some teaser insight to help whet your taste for numbers. Keep in mind these numbers include the best and worst of each category.


Most-mentioned individual: LSU's Daron Populist

Mentions by team: Arkansas (29), Auburn (27), LSU (25), Vanderbilt (24), Kentucky (23), Georgia (22), Alabama (21), Ole Miss/South Carolina (19), Mississippi State (17), Tennessee (15), Florida (9)

---250 spots were filled by 95 players