When's the Right Time to Storm the Field?

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst INovember 16, 2007

http://bp3.blogger.com/_FcH0AKMWgEc/Rz4muPZTaxI/AAAAAAAAAFg/2DYKrKKOgtA/s400/sea+of+red.jpgI think we all understand by now that parity is the new paradigm in college football—there's no need to remind us every three hours.

And college basketball has already followed suit so far in the young season, with mid-majors upsetting ranked teams left and right.

I still blame Boise State and ESPN's documentary for all of these underdogs—but to be truthful, I'm coming around.

I'm even beginning to like the upsets.

After all, they're much more exciting to watch—and if you're lucky enough to catch one live, you get to rush the playing surface like a madman hopped up on Vault energy drinks.

I've experienced it once—after UAB's upset win over fourth-ranked Memphis in Bartow Arena.

It was amazing. 

It was the first week of March and Memphis was eyeing a deep run in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. My buddy Jeremy and I got student tickets and made the trip to Birmingham for the Thursday night game. 

We went only to see Memphis play, and we certainly weren't banking on a UAB win—but it happened, and the mad dash to the center of the court began. 

The hardwood felt like a trampoline as the thousands of fans jumped up and down. The arena's speakers were blaring that Zombie Nation song that's now heard at every venue across the country.

http://www.atlantafalcons.com/sitecore/media_library/Photos/2006/09/~/media/53CC1F2F88FF4EA5BB8950F57A11F42D.ashx?w=900&h=600I even bumped into former UAB football player Roddy White.  The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver was at the game supporting some of his basketball friends.

I was so juiced up that I remember making a fool of myself, asking Roddy if my "guns" were bigger than his (as I flexed my biceps). 

He laughed, but I think behind his expensive sunglasses he was rolling his eyes.

The excitement took a few days to wear off.

As I watched Arizona's fans rush the field after upsetting No. 2 Oregon this Thursday, it brought back a flood of adrenaline-fueled memories. 

But it's important to remember that there are right and wrong times to storm the field or court—especially with some conferences and schools handing out fines.

And whatever you do, please don't be like Arizona State fans.

I'm begging you.

Nothing was worse than when Arizona State fans leisurely strolled onto the field after their team beat Cal earlier this season. No. 21 Cal was coming off two straight losses, while No. 4 ASU was undefeated and eyeing a possible BCS title game appearance.

I'm always happy to see fans excited, but save the storming for the true upsets—not when your team is ranked fourth in the country.

In any event, there's something special about that feeling of exuberance. Until you experience it, you just can't comprehend it.

But when it hits you, you know it—and that's when it's time to make the rush.