Beautiful Situation: Bulls at No. 1 Pick

tyler hoffmanContributor IJune 21, 2008

It’s a hard situation but a win-win one at that.

Who do you choose?

Talented guard from Memphis, Derrick Rose; or powerful forward Michael Beasley?

That’s a tough one.

The choice of who to pick comes to the biggest question, "Whom would you want to lead your team into a new era?"

With the bulls being one of the biggest letdowns in the NBA, being projected to win the east to becoming one of the worst in the east became very fortunate when being placed the No. 1 pick right into their laps.

Opinions will differ and the real answer won’t be answered until Thursday night, but really it’s a perfect place to be in as a Bull’s fan.

I would prefer Rose for one reason which is in NBA finding a good, talented guard either in free agency or in the draft is a very difficult task. Rose was born and grew up in Chicago playing his high school ball at Simeon and told press that it has always been his dream to play for the bulls and is excited to lead this team to the promised land.

Beasley on the other hand seemed careless who picked him and really the only reason he pushes for the first pick is not, because he wants to be a bull but to be seen as the No. 1 pick and to have the satisfactions behind it.

In a new era for the Chicago Bulls it doesn’t matter whom you choose with the first pick in the draft, it’s how you execute and play as a team.

This is why I think they blew it last season, but I think having the first pick and landing with one of the two best players this year sure helps.