Grayson Allen Appears to Shove Florida State Coach While Diving for Loose Ball

Thomas DuffyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2017

Duke Blue Devils guard Grayson Allen found himself on the wrong side of another "did he do it?" controversy during the team's 88-72 loss to the Florida State Seminoles on Tuesday night.

While pursuing a loose ball near the FSU bench with Duke trailing 75-61 in the second half, it looked like Allen shoved a coach.

Could it have been incidental? Absolutely. Most players would be given the benefit of the doubt—after all, there's no smooth way to topple over a bench.

Allen's past—which includes a laundry list of tripping incidents—forces us to look at this encounter under a stronger microscope, though.

Update from Wednesday, Jan. 11

Florida State assistant coach Dennis Gates, the person on the other side of the play, came to Allen's defense, calling it "a great hustle play": 

--End of Update--