Virginia Fan Fakes His Way into Huddle for ACC Championship, Meets Coach K

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2014

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Every fan would love to be able to celebrate with their team, but not many are actually able to come up with a plan that gets the job done.

As one Virginia fan showed, it's really not that hard to get down onto the court. All it takes is a suit and some courage.

A reader emailed Barstool Sports to share the fantastic story.

Meet Danny. He came home for spring break on Friday, March 14, and he went with his families to watch the Cavaliers in the semifinals of the ACC tournament on that Saturday.

It was during the semifinals when Danny and his sister noticed that all of the managers were wearing suits. After that, the plan began to take shape.

In order to pull this off, he was going to have to look the part. Check out the outfit he was able to find at Walmart the night before the championship game:

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Now that the clothes were taken care of, he had to execute his plan.

Danny bought tickets to the ACC final on Sunday morning for $30.10. All of the preparation was done, so now it was all on him to make it work.

Here's a summary of how he pulled off the stunt:

5 minutes before the game i walk down the aisle and without saying anything or looking at the usher he pulled back the curtain and raised the bar for me to enter the floor/ court area. ...

After 16 minute timeout I told everyone I was going down to go on the court for the 12 minute tv timeout. And I did

I walked right behind the cheerleaders and onto the court and joined the UVA huddle on the court

Tony Bennett was talking to the team and Joe Harris was getting his bloody knee taped 2 feet in front of me.

Sat behind the basket for 6-8 minutes and watched the rest of the half with my family.

Halftime I passed out the official box score to the front row of the media, just walked right across the entire court as i walked past security. I Printed them out in the hotel that morning to look legit.

Went down another time to just walk around. I even small talked a 70 year old usher and it was her first time being in the lower level. we talked for a while and i even showed her how to unhook the bar that let to the media tables.

Watched up to the last 2 minutes with everyone, then went down for the end of the game.

Buzzer sounds and i walked onto the middle and confetti was falling.

From the sound of things, he didn't have much trouble pulling it off. That's incredible, given how big of a game it was.

He was even able to join the handshake line and meet Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski:

Once the championship shirts and hats were being passed out, Danny was in the clear. He was able to celebrate the school's first ACC tournament title since 1976 with the players. That's a memory that will last a lifetime.

Eventually, his fun came to an end when someone confronted him: 

The DOBO for UVA asked 'are you with us?' I responded 'Yeah' He said no you’re not' my response: 'I know I’m with the coliseum but why not have a little fun' He laughed and walked away.

All the players were jumping up and down in a huddle yelling so I jumped in too.

After A while of jumping up and down, the DOBO put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me out.

At that point I walked away but into the corner as the DOBO asked coliseum officials if I was with them.

My sisters friends from tailgating, aware of what I was doing yelled my name and I climbed up the railings into the stands as if I was a player trying to get to my family.

Everyone thought I was important so they got out of my way and I got lost in the crowd. Found my family a minute later and within 10 minutes we were in the car and on the way home.

Someone eventually caught on, but Danny had already had his fun. What a great story.

In case you don't believe it, there are pictures to prove that he did in fact get down on the court.

Here he is during the timeout:

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He made it down to the court to celebrate:

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Danny even got a picture with the championship trophy in his free gear:

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