MSU's Tom Izzo Performs Amazing Ladder Dance, Serves an Unsuspecting Nation

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2014

Tom "H to the" Izzo has moves for days and enough swagger to fill a GQ Magazine issue, and when you give him enough space, he is going to dance his tail off. 

The posted video was spotted by The Detroit Free Press' James Jahnke (h/t College Spun), so we simply have to tip our hat and give thanks, because this is really the only way to start your day off in the correct manner. 

It all begins when Coach spots his new ladder, something that will eventually cause him to lose his mind and all bodily control. 

This is, of course, counter to how we usually treat the sight of a ladder, an object that often comes in tandem with various household chores you have been putting off for months—oh, but not Izzo. 

The man is only intrigued by cutting down nets, solid basketball play and ladders. He gets to the top of this presumed technological marvel and proclaims, "There’s so much room up here, I feel like dancing."

This is the moment that Izzo pops on the shades, resists the urge to simultaneously pop his collar (He's a gentleman, after all) and gets utterly jiggy with it. 

Unfortunately, this isn't the best we have seen from the college ranks, because here is Wisconsin's Bo Ryan throwing down a massive Internet challenge:

Who you got?

Either way, we are just glad Izzo didn't harm himself, because we have found that ladders can be dangerous. Even standing on them can prove treacherous: 

Locking them into place can also be dangerous: 

Thankfully, Izzo is doing just fine. We even have to second College Spun's Dan Lyons, who writes, "There was really no better person to endorse Werner ladders than Izzo, who puts on an amazing performance in the following commercial."

Now we look forward to subsequent commercials that have the coach boogie, twirl and gyrate on top of other household items. We suspect the people running marketing campaigns for brooms, mops and rakes are all scrambling for a piece of Izzo. 

Hell, get this guy a step-stool and stand back, because you are about to see something. 


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