Tyreke Evans to Villanova?

Chris D'AnielloAnalyst IApril 7, 2008

In the midst of an historic NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, it's difficult to take a look forward to next season. However, let's do that.

There has been much speculation as to where Tyreke Evans will attend college.

Texas, Memphis, Connecticut, Louisville, and Villanova are all left on Tyreke's board and he intends to announce his choice on April 16. We could patiently wait until this date, but then what else would I do on a Monday afternoon?

If you follow college basketball scouting with any degree of interest, you already know Tyreke, but let's suppose you do not.

Tyreke Evans, a 6-foot-6-inch shooter/slasher, attends American Christian Academy and lives in Chester, Penn., just outside Philadelphia.

He not only played in the prestigious McDonald's All-American game, but also earned MVP honors for game. Evans' coach for the All-Star game referred to him as "the greatest collection of talent I've seen and had the privilege to coach".

Seems like he has a lot of talent.

He does.

Seems like he knows how to work.

He does.

Seems like he's going to Duke or UNC.

He's not.

Tyreke received offers from just about every school you could imagine. He's narrowed them down to just the aforementioned five.

With Memphis heading into the NCAA Championship Game with a full head of steam, it may seem like the obvious pick of his five remaining choices. Or perhaps Texas where recent top lottery picks are showcased with style. Or perhaps Louisville or UConn with a rich history and programs on the rise.

Or maybe Villanova.

Tyreke Evans met with Villanova head coach Jay Wright at a party at the Wright home and brought the whole Evans family with him. Evans said he and Jay Wright talked about the great things about his game, but also what he needed to work on.

Villanova's campus is 15 minute drive from Chester, but Tyreke won't hint as to what school he intends to announce on the 16th.

However, his brother Julius says, "I won't lie—I want [Tyreke] to go to Villanova."

As do I, Julius. As do I.