SNL Video: Watch Hit Show's Parody of Mike Rice's Tirade

Tim KeeneyContributor IApril 7, 2013

By comparison, Mike Rice doesn't look so bad anymore. 

The former Rutgers head coach didn't throw bricks at his players. He didn't shoot them with a T-shirt gun. He didn't make them wear roller skates. He didn't tase them. He didn't make them fix dinner—and then so rudely criticize the bread.

He didn't even throw toasters—or any other kitchen appliance, for that matter—at them.

Nope. He's nothing compared to Middle Delaware State's Sheila Kelly. 

You can always leave it to Saturday Night Live to shed some humorous light on a negative situation, and that's exactly what they did with the story of Kelly, played brilliantly by Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy.

(Side note: McCarthy is just awesome, and she makes this worth watching.)

The entire Rice story was unfortunate. It's something you never want to see anywhere, let alone in sports, and you have to truly feel for the Rutgers players and anyone involved after watching the brutal video that showed physical and verbal abuse. 

But in a situation like that, it is sometimes important to laugh, and we are given a chance to do just that with SNL's parody. The video is hilarious, but it doesn't go too far or make you feel guilty for laughing. 

Which you will. 

Also, the video serves as a crucial warning for any coach planning on adopting a similar strategy: It doesn't work.

Kelly's MDSU teams, despite always oozing with talent and potential, are only 3-81 in the past three years. 

Maybe more toasters?