Gus Johnson Ushers in March Madness with Call of Brandon Paul Buzzer Beater

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The world just makes more sense when Gus Johnson is losing his mind and generally freaking out. 

After trying his hand at calling world football games—an effort by Fox Sports to better position Johnson for World Cup duties—the popular play-by-play man was back in his comfort zone. 

Calling games for the Big Ten Network afforded fans something that will be very rare around this time of year, a wild Gus Johnson buzzer-beater call. 

I guess we have to get some other business out of the way. I mean, the video above does feature a fadeaway jumper from Illinois' Brandon Paul, a buzzer-beater shot that gave his team a narrow win over the Minnesota Golden Gophers during Thursday's Big Ten tourney. 

Fantastic job, Paul. Now, if you need us we will be over here listening to Johnson have what many are calling a Gusgasm over this shot. 

It's a bittersweet moment considering a great call serves as a reminder that March Madness will be devoid of Johnson. 

This momentary freak out will have to do. 

Right when the shot hits the net, Johnson sounds like he is literally trying to keep his head attached to his body as it tries to fly away. That is the only explanation for the sound that comes from his mouth. 

After he catches his breath, he gives the relatively measured and classic call, "Welcome to the Big Ten."

Well, welcome back to basketball, Gus. 

It was refreshing to hear after what has been a mixed bag regarding his foray into world football. For those wondering, the sound you hear is the sound of March Madness getting underway. 

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