Stanford vs. Cal Video: Watch Fight Break out in Pac-12 Battle

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistMarch 7, 2013

The Stanford Cardinal defeated their Pac-12 Rival California Golden Bears on Wednesday, but the matchup was far more notable for a fracas that broke out late in the second half.

Following a turnover by Cal, guard Allen Crabbe went to the floor and attempted to create a jump ball situation. A whistle ensued and as players were jawing back and forth, Stanford's Dwight Powell shoved Crabbe hard to the ground. It was a strange act of frustration from Powell, whose Cardinal were ahead at the time by 19 points.

What followed Powell knocking down Crabbe was your average basketball "fight" for the most part. There was a lot of talking, gesturing, pushing and little else. No punches were thrown, the two sides were quickly separated and all seemed relatively well with the world—until ejections started flying.

With most everyone expecting Crabbe, Powell or any number of escalating players to get ejected, the referees went in a different direction. According to Jonathan Kuperberg of Daily Cal Sports, the referees decided to count all technical fouls received on the play as personals, leaving most of the instigating parties in the game:

6 technical fouls, all counted as personals. Powell's 4th foul, Randle's 4th, Bright's 1st. Crabbe's second foul, Cobbs' 2nd, Wallace's 5th

— Jonathan Kuperberg (@JonathanKupe) March 7, 2013

However, those who left the bench—including nearly the entire Stanford staff of assistants—were sent to the showers, per Kuperberg:

Ejections: Gabriel Harris for leaving bench, and Solomon for leaving the bench

— Jonathan Kuperberg (@JonathanKupe) March 7, 2013


Coach ejections: Gottlieb for Cal, and entire Stanford assistant coaching staff, minus one

— Jonathan Kuperberg (@JonathanKupe) March 7, 2013

The two sides then resumed play, with Crabbe actually stepping to the line for free throws, and the two sides played the remainder of the contest mostly uninhibited. Stanford went on to score an 83-70 victory over its rivals and improving its conference record to 9-9. Something tells me that won’t be the story most are talking about after Wednesday night’s dose of craziness.