Maryland Fans Harlem Shake Their Way to Mammoth Upset Win over Duke

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Maryland fans managed to deliver one "Harlem Shake" video we will never tire of seeing—a minor miracle if you ask me. 

A tip of the virtual hat to Busted Coverage for spotting what has to be the best use of a timeout by fans ever. 

As the report issues, it all starts with a bunch of Maryland Terrapin fans dressed as Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon. 

From there, the crowd choreographs a flash mob that is far more like a well-orchestated riot. It's absolute bedlam in the Comcast Center, and it's beautiful. 

At the 1:27 mark, we get the obligatory "Harlem Shake" moment every last person on Earth seems to be doing right now. If you don't believe me, consider there is a website that lets you take a spin on the Harlem Shake Roulette to sort through the massive amounts of videos. 

One fan starts the dance off while the rest of the students in attendance go about their business, pretty much how every single "Harlem Shake" dance begins. 

Wait for the drop. 

That's when a single timeout during the game is greeted by the pleasant sounds of fanatic anarchy. Costumes are busted out, a roar fills the arena and a female fan gets carried by the rest of her Terps faithful. 

Seriously, Duke had no chance when you consider the amount of support the Maryland basketball team had from the stands. 

By the end of the night, Maryland had their win, and I have to think it was at least in part because of their amazing fans. 

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