Auburn Student Buries Epic Half-Court Buzzer-Beater to Win $5k Tuition Prize

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2013

In 24 seconds, Stephen Bass went from random Auburn student to a guy who couldn't hit a three-point shot to the winner of $5,000 and a shower of cheers from his fellow War Eagle faithful. 

I would say that's a pretty productive half-minute. 

Joel Erickson of reports at least one student won the popular Golden Flake Tuition Shootout, and the video of it all going down is simply marvelous. 

According to the report, nobody can recall anyone ever winning the shootout, making this more than just entertaining, but also historic. 

The challenge consists of one student attempting to sink a layup, free throw, three-pointer and half-court shot all within 24 seconds. Those who fail get a nifty Golden Flake Prize Pack, which means there have been many prize packs given out through the years. 

If you win, you get $5,000 that can be used toward tuition. 

Bass gets the layup with ease and then sinks the free throw like some "Bizarro" Dwight Howard. Next up is the three-point shot, which gives our buddy here some issues. 

He tosses up an air ball, which would have some cowering in shame, but this guy is a trooper. He clanks another before finally getting the ball to go down. 

Now here is where it gets interesting. 

Bass gets the ball with what I estimate to be three seconds remaining. You can hear the announcer rattle off a "three" in his countdown.

The sophomore lets go of the ball at half court with just enough time, and the crowd goes nuts. 

You would have thought the kid just sank a buzzer-beater in the Final Four. By now, you might be tired of the buzzer-beater videos that seem to pop up from week to week.

However, this one that has nothing to do with an actual game somehow beats them all.

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