Ole Miss Head Coach Andy Kennedy Heading to Trial

SECLiveNews.comContributor IApril 7, 2009

It's been three months since Andy Kennedy's run in with the law. On Dec. 18, he was arrested by the Cincinnati police after allegedly punching a cab driver, yelling racial slurs at him, and public intoxication.

Right after the incident, details came out about the night, along with the dashboard camera recording of his arrest where he pleaded for his life. Then, to make matters worse/more embarrassing, his wife filed a suit against the cab driver because the incident has left Kennedy unable to perform in bed.

Not great press for the coach or the school.

Click here to see the video.

Lately, it has been quiet on all fronts, with Kennedy laying low. However, on April 20 all of the details will be brought back when Kennedy is scheduled to be in court to face a judge a jury of eight people.

The university has not commented on whether or not Kennedy will keep his job if found guilty. There is nothing in his contract that says he will automatically be terminated, but the school could feel pressure from the community to take a stand against Kennedy's racial tirade.

"We're just not going to comment on that," said Ole Miss chancellor Robert Khayat. "There's a thousand different things that could happen and getting into hypotheticals wouldn't be smart for anybody involved."

"The one thing I'll say is that we're very happy with the job Coach Kennedy has done. He regrets this incident and so do we."

However, firing the coach before his fourth season, with the majority of his team returning and the momentum that has been built, could be damaging to the basketball program. The university could punish Kennedy and have him attend anger management classes and diversity training.

Kennedy's attorney, Mike Allen, is not concerned with what could happen in this trial.

"A trial is a trial," Allen said. "There are good things that can come out of it. There are also bad things. What we know is we're confident we'll be victorious."

Kennedy wouldn't comment either on the details of the case, but said he looks forward to the day when this is behind him. There is also a pending civil suit no matter what happens in the criminal trial.

"I'm listening to the advice of my lawyers and am prepared to go to trial," Kennedy said.

"I don't know much about this stuff, and since they're in Cincinnati and I'm down here, I haven't had a lot of day-to-day dealings with it. Obviously, I hope this gets resolved as quickly as possible."